Archeofuturism 2.0

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Archeofuturism 2.0
Cover of the first English edition
Author(s) Guillaume Faye (author), Ann Sterzinger (translator), Tito Perdue (editor)
Cover artist Andreas Nilsson
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Philosophy
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2016
Pages 202
ISBN 1910524921

About the Book

In Archeofuturism, which became a cult classic in some circles, Guillaume Faye stipulated that the twenty-first century would not develop in line with the forecasts. We will soon live through — and it is already beginning — an explosive return of the archaic which will give the future the face of a dream — or of a nightmare, depending on one’s perspective.

In this book, Faye presents his ideas in the form of a series of eleven stories showing the trajectory of Western civilisation: they begin in the summer of 1914, and they end long after your death.

Archeofuturism 2.0 is a thrilling work of science fiction that will haunt your dreams and awaken your unspoken desires.

About the Author

Guillaume Faye was a leading theorist of the French 'New Right' during the 1970s and ‘80s, and a prominent member of Alain de Benoist’s GRECE group. After leaving the movement in the mid-‘80s for a career in French journalism and radio, he resurfaced as a political writer in 1998, publishing numerous articles on the contemporary situation in Europe, many of which came to form his 1999 book L’Archéofuturisme (published in English translation in 2010 by Arktos under the title Archeofuturism). Ever controversial, Faye has criticised not only what he views as the ongoing Islamisation of Europe, as well as the dominant European culture of self-loathing, but he has also attacked anti-Semitism and Holocaust revisionism in his work La Nouvelle question juive, arousing ire not only among the Left, but also in many corners of the so-called 'Far Right'.

Among his ideas are notions such as an all but complete rejection of current political projects; opposition to extra-European, and especially Islamic, immigration; and a strong pan-Europeanism, which he views as the only hope for European survival. He continues to write and lecture to this day. Archeofuturism was the first in a series of his works that will be made available in English by Arktos.[1]

Table of Contents

Forward: Archeofuturism 2.0: The Novel

Episode One: A Little Game of Fortune-Telling 1

Episode Two: Apollo Will Return 19

Episode Three: Relativity 26

Episode Four: The Vikings 41

Episode Five: The New World 53

Episode Six: The Republic of Flanders: The Last Fires 83

Episode Seven: An Extraordinary Object 114

Episode Eight: The Sensational Discoveries of Professor Memor 122

Episode Nine: A Dangerous Invention 145

Episode Ten: History Repeats 153

Episode Eleven: The Lost Species 171

The End: Conclusion 187

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