Archeofuturism 2.0

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Archeofuturism 2.0
Author(s) Guillaume Faye (author)
Language English
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2016
ISBN 1910524921

Archeofuturism 2.0 is book by Guillaume Faye, published in English in 2016 by Arktos.

Publisher description

"In Archeofuturism, which became a cult classic in some circles, Guillaume Faye stipulated that the twenty-first century would not develop in line with the forecasts. We will soon live through — and it is already beginning — an explosive return of the archaic which will give the future the face of a dream — or of a nightmare, depending on one’s perspective.

In this book, Faye presents his ideas in the form of a series of eleven stories showing the trajectory of Western civilisation: they begin in the summer of 1914, and they end long after your death.

Archeofuturism 2.0 is a thrilling work of science fiction that will haunt your dreams and awaken your unspoken desires."[1]

Table of Contents

  • Forward: Archeofuturism 2.0: The Novel
  • Episode One: A Little Game of Fortune-Telling
  • Episode Two: Apollo Will Return
  • Episode Three: Relativity
  • Episode Four: The Vikings
  • Episode Five: The New World
  • Episode Six: The Republic of Flanders: The Last Fires
  • Episode Seven: An Extraordinary Object
  • Episode Eight: The Sensational Discoveries of Professor Memor
  • Episode Nine: A Dangerous Invention
  • Episode Ten: History Repeats
  • Episode Eleven: The Lost Species
  • The End: Conclusion

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