Convergence of Catastrophes

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Convergence of Catastrophes
Author(s) Guillaume Faye (Author), Jared Taylor (Foreword)
Language English
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2012
Pages 220
ISBN 1907166467

Convergence of Catastrophes is a book by Guillaume Faye, published in English in 2012 by Arktos.

Publisher description

"The thesis of this book is a terrifying one: our present global civilisation will collapse within twenty years, and it is too late to stop it. We shall regress to a ‘New Middle Ages’ akin to the fall of the Roman Empire, only much more destructive. For the first time in the whole of human history, certain ‘dramatic lines’, giant crises and catastrophes of immense proportions – already tangible – have emerged. They are converging and will most likely reach their zenith by 2020. Up to that time, as we have already been witnessing, their effects will continue to get worse, until a breaking point is reached.

Guillaume Faye rigorously examines these escalating crises one by one: environmental damage and climate change; the breakdown of a speculative and debt-ridden globalist economy; the return of global epidemics; the depletion of fossil fuels and of agricultural and fishing resources; the rise of mass immigration, terrorism and nuclear proliferation; the worsening of the rupture between Islam and the West; and the dramatic explosion of a population of the elderly in the wealthy countries – all of it leading to an unprecedented worldwide economic recession, an increase in localised and possibly large-scale armed conflicts…and perhaps worse.

Still, Faye reminds us, we should not give in to pessimism: what we are experiencing is not an apocalypse, but a metamorphosis of humanity. We might have reached the end of what the Hindu traditions refer to as the Kali Yuga, the ‘age of iron’ marked by materialism and selfishness, but those who survive the catastrophe and chaos will perhaps build a new and better humanity…

With a doctorate in political science from Paris’ Institute of Political Science, the essayist Guillaume Faye was one of the principal theoreticians of the French Nouvelle Droite in the 1970s and ’80s prior to his growing sympathy for the identitarian movement. He has also been a journalist at Figaro-Magazine, Paris-Match, Magazine-Hebdo, Valeurs Actuelles, and a radio commentator. For several years he was the editor of J’ai tout compris (I Understood Everything), a private newsletter."[1]

Table of Contents

A Note From The Editor

Forward by Jared Taylor

Introduction: An Explosive Cocktail

  • A. Believing in Miracles
  • B. Man, a Sick Animal
  • C. The Golem Parable, or the Machine that Went Mad
  • D. The 'Billiard Ball' Theory
  • E. 'Catastrophe Theory' and 'Discrete Structural Metamorphoses'
  • F. We Must Stop Believing in Sorcerers: Techno-science Gone Mad

1. Towards the Collapse of the Terrestrial Ecosystem

  • A. It is Already Too Late
  • B. How Times Have Changed
  • C. Countdown to Climate Bomb
  • D. Confronted by Global Warming, the Utopias of the Ecologists
  • E. Violent Climate Change is Going to Provoke Geopolitical Earthquakes
  • F. The Spectre of Shortages
  • G. Examples of Ecological Disasters
  • H. And Let's Not Forget Epidemics

2. Toward the Clash of Civilizations

  • A. The Globalisation of War
  • B. Toward the Most Bellicose Century in History
  • C. Terror as Art of Living
  • D. Is It a Question of War between Islam and the West? 61
  • E. China Against the USA
  • F. When Everyone Has Nuclear Weapons
  • G. Israel's Tears
  • H. Two Examples to Make Us Think
  • I. The Return of the Titans

3. Toward Chaos In Europe

  • A. In the Eye of the Cyclone
  • B. The Horrible Spectre of Ethnic Civil War
  • C. Economy: Tomorrow, The Great European Depression
  • D. The Demographic Coma
  • E. The Cancer of Decadence
  • F. European Union: The Shattered Dream

4. Toward a Giant Economic Crisis

  • A. The End of the Paradigm of 'Economic Development'
  • B. The Impending Death of the World Economic Development
  • C. Toward a 'Civilisational Break-up'
  • D. There is No Reason to Believe that Traditional Economies are 'Underdeveloped
  • E. Is the Techno-scientific Economy Viable?
  • F. The Neo-global Economy of the Post-Catastrophe Age
  • G. The Non-egalitarian Economy
  • H. Techno-science as Esoteric Alchemy
  • I. When the Worst is Probable
  • J. The End of 'Growth'
  • K. Economism is Condemned
  • L. The Fraud of the 'New Economy'
  • M. The Dangerous Fragility of Global Liberal Capitalism
  • N. Some Small but Worrying Signs
  • O. The Spectre of Poverty
  • P. Cancelling the debts of Poor Countries is a Farce

Conclusion: A New Middle Ages

  • A. Chaos and Post-Chaos
  • B. Humanity, the 'Adjustment Variable'
  • C. The Drunken Boat
  • D. Catastrophe Scenarios
  • E. 1. The 'Soft' Scenario
  • F. 2. The 'Hard' Scenario
  • G. 3. 'The Very Hard' Scenario
  • H. The End of Contemporary Humanity, Predicted by Tradition
  • I. Out of Chaos, Into the Light

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Publication data

  • Convergence of Catastrophes, Guillaume Faye, 2012, Arktos, ISBN-10 1907166467, ISBN-13 978-1-907166-46-4

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