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Whig history or Whig historiography is a view that presents the past as an inevitable movement towards increasing liberalism and progress. There are associated concepts, such as disliked opponents being labeled as inevitably failing in the future, due to being on "the wrong side of history".

Although originally referring to a British context, the term has been applied to similar global views, one example being those presented in Francis Fukuyama's book The End of History and the Last Man (1992).

One criticism is that much of the progress that has occurred has been due to progresses in science and technology. Furthermore, that this can continue similarly into the future, even if ignoring various negative trends, is questionable, one example being that Moore's law, behind many recent improvements in technology and productivity, is failing or becoming less effective.

Argued negative trends

  • Dysgenics, including regarding declining average genetic health, IQ, and personality. See also Countries and intelligence on various negative associations with lower average country IQ.
  • Effects of Endocrine disruptors.
  • Increasing Ethnic heterogeneity and ethnic conflicts.
  • Increasing Censorship and Genetics denialism. See also The Alt-Right and censorship.
  • Increasing Affirmative action and similar actions causing affected organizations/societies to be less productive, including regarding scientific innovations and technological developments.
  • Increasing new forms of addictions and entertainments diverting attention from needs, problems, and more useful activities.
  • Increasing Deaths of despair.
  • Increasing crime and associated social dysfunctions, also in some parts of the world not affected by mass immigration from outside the country, notably parts of Latin America, as discussed in the article on this topic. Regarding Immigration and crime, see the article on this.
  • Islamization.
  • Mass immigration.
  • Overpopulation in Africa. See also White demographics.
  • New infections diseases and agricultural pests and old ones evolving resistance to treatments and pesticides.
  • Spread of Nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.
  • Spiteful mutations.
  • Unsustainably debt-based economies.
  • Various effects of the Sexual revolution.
  • Various increasing Environmental issues, including depletion of various resource or they becoming less effective/productive (such as due to depletion of minerals and other nutrients in the soil), pollutants (including likely many new ones from the increasing use of new chemical substances with unclear toxicity), and mass extinction/decline of species and mass destruction of ecosystems (with unclear larger effects, such the consequences of the pollinator decline).
  • There is also the possibility that one of many changes suddenly causes some form of catastrophic chain reaction. Politically correct sources mention certain possible and rather sudden catastrophic changes due to new technology (such as "gray goo" and "singularity") or environmental issues (such as "runaway global warming"). Less politically correct possibilities include an increasingly extreme politically correct "purity spiral", which, in practice although possibly not formally legally, rather suddenly and completely causes censorship of free speech and research on anything remotely politically incorrect, on any remotely influential mass media and on kind of research requiring non-trivial resources to do, which may in practice make it impossible to discuss problems, find solutions, and implement these.

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