Paul Gerhardt

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Paul Gerhardt
Paul Gerhardt II.jpg
Birth name Carl Emil Paul Gerhardt
Birth date 20 April 1881(1881-04-20)
Place of birth Ruhrort, Rhine Province, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Death date 12 October 1953 (aged 72)
Place of death Berlin, West Germany
Allegiance  German Empire
 Weimar Republic
 National Socialist Germany
Service/branch War and service flag of Prussia (1895–1918).png Prussian Army
Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
Freikorps Flag.jpg Freikorps
War Ensign of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1935.png Reichswehr
Balkenkreuz.jpg Heer
Years of service 1901–1945
Rank Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General)
Commands held III. (Jäger) Battalion/15th Infantry Regiment
7th Infantry Regiment
311th Infantry Division
Battles/wars World War I
World War II
Awards Iron Cross
House Order of Hohenzollern
War Merit Cross (1939)
Relations ∞ 1910 Tilly von Nippold

Carl Emil Paul Gerhardt (sometimes Karl; 1881–1953) was a German officer of the Prussian Army, the Imperial German Army, the Freikorps, the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, finally Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General) and Military-Replacement-Inspector in World War II.

Military career (chronology)

Promotion to Generalmajor
Personnel file (Generalskartei)[1]
  • Entered Army Service (22 Mar 1901) coming from the Cadet Corps (Kadettenkorps)
  • Leutnant in the 147th Infantry-Regiment (22 Mar 1901-02 Aug 1914)
  • Adjutant of the II. Battalion of the 147th Infantry-Regiment, at the same time, Court-Officer (15 Oct 1905-31 Oct 1908)
  • Adjutant and Court-Officer with the Landwehr-Commander Lötzen (01 Oct 1909-30 Sep 1912)
  • Adjutant of the 72nd Reserve-Infantry-Brigade (02 Aug 1914-10 Jan 1918)
  • At the same time, Leader of the II. Battalion of the 59th Reserve-Infantry-Regiment (15 Jun 1916-26 Jun 1916)
  • Leader of the III. Battalion of the 55th Reserve-Infantry-Regiment (10 Jan 1918-12 Oct 1918)
  • Transferred to the Replacement-Battalion of the 55th Reserve-Infantry-Regiment (12 Oct 1918-03 Dec 1918)
  • Company-Leader in the 55th Reserve-Infantry-Regiment (03 Dec 1918-15 Apr 1919)
  • Transferred back into the 147th Infantry-Regiment (15 Apr 1919-21 Jul 1919)
  • Company-Commander in the 39th Reichswehr-Infantry-Regiment (Freikorps Hindenburg) (21 Jul 1919-01 Oct 1920)
  • Company-Commander in the 2nd Infantry-Regiment (01 Oct 1920-01 May 1922)
  • With the Staff of the Training-Battalion of the 2nd Infantry-Regiment (01 May 1922-01 May 1923)
  • Adjutant of the Inspection for Weapons and Equipment, later in the Army Weapons Office, Department Testing Affairs (01 May 1923-01 Feb 1928)
  • Commander of the III. (Jäger) Battalion of the 15th Infantry-Regiment (01 Feb 1928-01 Feb 1930)
  • Adjutant with the Staff of Group-Command 2 (01 Feb 1930-01 Apr 1931)
  • Commander of the 7th (Prussian) Infantry-Regiment in Schweidnitz, Province of Silesia (01 Apr 1931-30 Sep 1933)
  • Commander of Military-District-Command Eisenach (01 Oct 1933-01 Aug 1936); Kommandeur des Wehrbezirkskommando (W. B. K.) in Eisenach; (Wehrkreis IX [Kassel]; Wehrersatzbezirk Weimar).
    • Territorial-Officer (01 Oct 1933; L-Offizier)
    • Supplemental-Officer (01 Apr 1935; E-Offizier)
    • Active-Officer again (01 Aug 1936)
  • Military-Replacement-Inspector Allenstein (01 Aug 1936-10 Nov 1939)
  • Commander of the 311th Infantry-Division (10 Nov 1939-01 Aug 1940)
    • Commander of the 311th Division at the Arys training area. The division was moved to the Grafenwöhr military training area in Bavaria on 1 August 1940 and disbanded there.
  • Military-Replacement-Inspector Allenstein in Military District I, Königsberg (01 Aug 1940-19 Jan 1945)
    • responsible for the military districts of Allenstein, Bischofsburg, Lötzen, Angerburg, Rastenburg and Bartenstein until August 1941 and responsible for the military districts of Allenstein, Lötzen and Zichenau from August 1941.
    • General der Artillerie Wilhelm Theodor Ulex wrote on 1 March 1941 about Gerhardt: "Excellent person and comrade. Strongly affected emotionally by the death of his daughter Ursula and the illness of his wife. Transfer to Thuringia or Baden desired."
  • Führer-Reserve OKH (19 Jan 1945)
  • Retired (1 Feb 1945)
    • He did not serve time as a POW.


Paul was born the son of Privy Senior Building Officer in the Prussian Ministry of Public Works (Geheimer Oberbaurat und Vortragender Rat im preußischen Ministerium der öffentlichen Arbeiten) George Friedrich Paul Gerhardt (1847–1923) and his wife Emilie Friederike Johanne Theodore, née Kind (1858–1942). His mother was the eldest daughter of August Kind, head of the Reichspost's construction administration. From 1877 onwards, his father was put in charge of the expansion of the Kaiserhafen in Ruhrort as a master builder. In 1880, he was able to get married and Paul Gerhardt was born here in 1881. His father's further transfers took him to Berlin and, from 1886, to Königsberg. He had two younger brothers, Hans (1889–1941), Dr. jur. et rer. pol. (as of 1914), 1st Lieutenant of the Reserves, director of Saargruben AG, and Ulrich (1895–1918), 2nd lieutenant of the Fliegertruppe, in the First World War.


On 28 May 1910 in Jena[2] (St. Nikolai Church), 2nd Lieutenant Gerhardt married his fiancée Auguste Mathilde "Tilly" Amalie von Nippold (b. 11 March 1884 in Darmstadt), daughter of deceased Colonel Daniel Ludwig Wilhelm von Nippold (1841–1891).[3] They had three children:

  • Paul Heinz Alfred Wilhelm Reinhold (b. 24 February 1911)
  • Ursula (b. 22 September 1912)
  • Wilfried (b. 6 March 1919)


  • 22 March 1901 Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant) without Patent
    • 22 June 1901 received Patent as Leutnant
  • 16 June 1910 Oberleutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
  • 8 October 1914 Hauptmann (Captain)
  • 1 April 1923 Major
  • 1 January 1929 Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel)
  • 1 May 1931 Oberst (Colonel)
  • 1 October 1933 Oberst a. D. (L-Offizier) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1 May 1931
  • 1 April 1935 Oberst (E) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1 May 1931
  • 31 May 1935 Charakter als Generalmajor (Honorary Major General) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1 April 1934[4]
  • 1 October 1937 Generalmajor
  • 1 November 1939 Charakter als Generalleutnant (Honorary Lieutenant General)
  • 1 February 1941 Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General)

Awards and decorations