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Der III. Weg or Der dritte Weg (English: The III. Path or The Third Way) is a mainly extra-parliamentary (außerparlamentarisch) nationalist organisation (movement) and political party (Partei und Bewegung) of Germany with headquarters in Bad Dürkheim, Rhineland-Palatinate. The members are strong adversaries of the flood of asylum seekers (Asylantenflut), but also of the Umvolkung (replacement migration) of the White race in Europe. They also strongly oppose the neo-Bolshevik movement under Vladimir Putin. They describe themselves as loyal to the people and green (volkstreu und grün), because those who love their homeland (Heimatliebe) are the true knights of environmental protection (Umweltschutz).



Matthias "Matze" Fischer, voted party chairman (Parteivorsitzender) in November 2021
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Der III. Weg was founded on 28 September 2013 in Heidelberg by former NPD officials and activists from the Freie Netz Süd (FNS) or "Free Network South", which was oficially banned by the FRG government on 23 July 2014. At the end of 2013, the party had 61 members, as of 2017 400, as of 2020 600 and as of 2022 c. 800, in addition another c. 1,000 supporting non-members and affiliations to over 20 smaller and mid-sized German nationalist organisations. The party also features a women's and youth section (Nationalrevolutionäre Jugend).

Klaus Armstroff (b. 1957 in Jena), electrician, entrepreneur and many years a member of the NPD, was voted first party leader and re-elected 2017.[1] His deputy was Matthias "Matze" Fischer (b. 1977 in Templin). Fischer, master craftsman and NPD district chairman in Middle Franconia until 2008 (left the party disappointed), was voted new party leader in November 2021. Armstroff (Weidenthal) is still an active member and responsible for the website of the party. Another important member, Tony Gentsch (b. 1984), was voted in May 2019 as City Council (Stadtrat) of Plauen and District Council (Kreisrat) of the Vogtlandkreis in the southwest of the Free State of Saxony, at the borders to Thuringia and Bavaria.

The leftest German newspaper "taz" (Berlin) wrote in May 2022, that Der III. Weg is hurriedly becoming the most influential right-wing organisation in Germany.[2] Since February 2014, they have never missed the commemorative march in Dresden, always showing up in large numbers (→ Bombing of Dresden in World War II). Several members joined the "International Legion of Ukraine" in March 2022 in order to fight against Russian invaders. The party has also organized several material donations (Materialspenden), which they transported themselves to Kiev, among other things medication, bandages for the wounded, camouflage clothing, flak vests and Stahlhelme.

Ten Point Program

  • 1. Creation of a German socialism
    • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the creation of a German socialism far away from exploitative capitalism as well as egalitarian communism.
  • 2. National economy (territorial)
    • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the nationalisation of all key industries, public services and welfare, banks, assurances and large companies. For the restoration of self-sufficiency with basic foods, it is necessary to fund self-reliant economies of individual – and family businesses and, especially agricultural holdings.
  • 3. German children is what the country needs
    • The basics of the population policy of the party Der Dritte Weg is the rigorous funding of families with many children to prevent an imminent extinction of the German people. The party Der Dritte Weg demands the introduction of death penalty for child murder and other capital crimes.
  • 4. Preserving our homeland
    • To preserve the national identity of the German people, the foreign domination of Germany and the constant abuse of asylum procedures have to be stopped immediately. Criminal and long-term unemployed foreigners have to be deported step by step.
  • 5. Strengthening of civil rights and freedom
    • The party Der Dritte Weg determinedly fights the increasing observation and restriction of the citizen´s privacy and public freedom. Ethos paragraphs of the criminal code and surveillance powers of the government need to be deleted without substitution.
  • 6. Social equity for all Germans
    • Each German has the right of personal property, free practice of religion, the right of housing, medical care, the right of training and development, culture and sparetime, pension scheme and the right as well as duty to work. Therefor, the party Der Dritte Weg claims the introduction of a statutory minimum wage.
  • 7. Environment protection is protection of (cultural/national) heritage
    • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the creation, respectively the restoration of a livable environment, health promotion and the preservation and development of the biological substance of the German people.
  • 8. No German blood for foreign interests
    • The party Der Dritte Weg rejects the deployment and maintenance of foreign military bases on German territory. The involvement of the army in wars out of area is completely excluded. The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is for the withdrawal from NATO.
  • 9. Creation of an European Confederation
    • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is for the withdrawal from the European Union (EU) and the creation of an European Confederation based on the European cultures and as well the common history and is supported by the will and the sovereignty of the European peoples.
  • 10. Germany is bigger than the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany)
    • The aim of the party Der Dritte Weg is the peaceful restoration of Great Germany (de) with its original frontiers according to international law.[3]

Organisation (2022)

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Gebietsverband Süd (regional association south):

  • Stützpunkt München/Oberbayern
  • Stützpunkt Mainfranken
  • Stützpunkt Nürnberg/Fürth
  • Stützpunkt Oberfranken
  • Stützpunkt Ostbayern
  • Stützpunkt Württemberg

Gebietsverband Mitte (regional association middle):

  • Stützpunkt Berlin
  • Stützpunkt Erfurt/Gotha
  • Stützpunkt Magdeburg/Altmark
  • Stützpunkt Mittelland
  • Stützpunkt Mittelsachsen
  • Stützpunkt Ostthüringen
  • Stützpunkt Potsdam/Mittelmark
  • Stützpunkt Thüringer Wald/Ost
  • Stützpunkt Uckermark
  • Stützpunkt Vogtland
  • Stützpunkt Westsachsen

Gebietsverband West (regional association west):

  • Stützpunkt Pfalz
  • Stützpunkt Sauerland-Süd
  • Stützpunkt Westerwald/Taunus
  • Stützpunkt Rheinland

International connections (selection)


  • The party „Der Dritte Weg“ (The Third Way) aims to be national, revolutionary and socialist. As only these three terms combined form a holistic effect that unites the political, social and mental life to a synthesis, which is the basis for a useful and essential social order of the German people. Our identity, the identity of each member of our party, is characterised national and socialist. And is manifested in revolutionary acting, in each area of social life.
  • The party "The 3rd Way” rejects Russian imperialism with the aim of re-establishing a Soviet Union as well as US globalism (western community of values) with its NATO eastward expansion and its worldwide wars.[4]

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