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Thuringia is a German State.

Since the reunification of central (DDR) and West Germany Thuringia has become a slowly emerging stronghold of the Alternative fur Deutschland (AfD) Party. However, interference in German democracy knows no bounds and this is demonstrated by the left-wing German State attacks on the Alternative fur Deutschland party. A principal source of this is Stephan Kramer, now the Head of Thuringia's State Intelligence. He previously served as:

  • Director, European Office on anti-Semitism of the American Jewish Committee, Trans Atlantic Institute (TAI), Brussels between July, 2014 and July, 2015.
  • Secretary General of the Central Council of Jews in Germany (Zentralrat der Juden in Deutschland) from April 2004 until January 2014 and head of the office of the European Jewish Congress in Berlin.
  • Executive Director of the Zentralrat (March 2000 until 2004)
  • Personal assistant to the President of the Zentralrat, (Jewsih) Ignatz Bubis (sel.A.)(1999-2000)
  • Press spokesman, Consultant for individual & slave labour Compensation Funds and advisor for public and government relations, Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany (Frankfurt/Main Office) (1995-1999).

During his time with the Claims Conference, he also established and supervised local offices of the Central and Eastern European Holocaust Compensation Fund of the Claims Conference in Kischinev, Moldova; Bucharest, Romania and Budapest, Hungary.