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Židokracia (English: Judeocracy; German: Judenkratie) is a book from Slovakian nationalist Marián Magát which was published 2020. In 2021, the first edition was sold out. Main topics are Zionism, International Jewry, Cultural Marxism, racial awareness, gender ideology and capitalism. The 2nd edition (2021) is a paperback edition of the original.

About the book

The influence of Jews is downplayed or completely excluded in the media and in schools. It's as if he doesn't exist, and anyone who thinks so is branded an anti-Semite. But can we afford to ask the following questions without spending a tenth or a fifth of our active life in prison? Do Jewish circles control the dianies in the world? They have their fingers in the waterto? Were they behind all the great revolutions, starting with the one in France (1789)? Have they stood behind the European Union since its inception? What effect do they have on immigration to Europe from Africa? Are they the main promoters of immigration? To what extent do they abuse the holocaust? Is the holocaust just a propaganda tool to achieve their interests? Is everything true about the Holocaust? Why is critical Holocaust research penalized by law? Were Jewish circles behind the involvement of the USA in World War I? Were they behind the exploitation of Germany after Versailles? Was Hitler blackmailed by the Jews? Did Hitler cooperate with the Jews? You will find answers to these and other questions in this book. Without censorship and using hundreds of resources. Testimonies of contemporary witnesses to the events, archival documents and transcripts of traceable interviews. Are Jews victims or perpetrators?[1]

About the Author

Marián Magát (left) in 2017
Magát being arrested on 24 January 2022

Marián Magát (b. 1985), a giant of a man, is a long-time national activist. Magát is one of the founders of Vzdor (Resistance) Kysuce, which the Interior Ministry classifies as an "extremist group". He was a member of the "neo-fascist" Kotlebists – People's Party Our Slovakia (ĽSNS) under Marian Kotleba. During public campaigns, he uses the national socialist greeting "Na stráž!," typical for Slovak Hlinka’s Guards (de) in the wartime Slovak State.

He was charged with illegal gun possession in 2016. The court sentenced him to three years conditionally (probation) for illegal arming. Magát was also invited for hearing after he encouraged people attending a protest against Islamisation to tear the European Union’s flag. In 2017, he was charged with Holocaust denial, but without consequences. “They cannot explain what Holocaust denial is. Not even the law knows it,” Magát told RTVS.

On order of the Specialized Criminal Court (Špecializovaného trestného súdu or ŠTS), Magát was arrested on 24 January 2022. The police explained:

"It is mainly about the production and dissemination of extremist material, as well as the denial of the Holocaust and also in connection with the book Židokracia."

At a closed session on 16 February 2022, the 4th Senate of the Supreme Court rejected the complaint of the accused Marián M. against the decision of the judge for the preliminary proceedings of the ŠTS. The accused is to have committed 37 "political crimes" between 2017 and 2021. Strangely enough, only after the success of "Židokracia" the Media and othe, mre hidden, powers, called for his prosecution. The trial began on 28 February 2023.[2][3] If convicted, he could face many years in prison.


  • In our opinion, the book does not comply with the rules of a democratic society and the Book Database does not approve of its existence. Since it was released legally, we decided to keep it here. – databazeknih-cz
  • I was never very interested in Jews, I took history as fact. I would like to approve a system that condemns fascism and other forms of extremism. But I am struck by the growing resistance to any alternative lately. I don't know to what extent this book is true, but it is a fact that its meaning is substantial. I like provocateurs and I like how they can create a wave of indignation among so-called intellectuals and followers of modern values. I hope that freedom of speech will be maintained at least at the level it is now. – John Clayton, February 2022
  • I recommend reading the book. Each chapter is interesting in some way, and one wonders how many books about the so-called mass murders of 6 million Jews have been published in the world, although the number itself is misleading, as the author states in the book. And clearly rightfully so. There are plenty of expert opinions, scientific research and studies where fraud has been exposed in a big way. Fraudsters who spread lies about gas chamber testimony are being exposed decades after the war. The book is very informative. – TypekCZ, March 2023
  • Marian is a person who is not afraid to tell the truth. A truth backed by facts, even at the cost of the greatest sacrifice – a free life. Thanks Marian, they won't silence us! – Tomino about Marian Magat

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