Jürgen Rieger

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Jürgen Rieger
A middle aged man with a beard.
Rieger in 2007

Deputy chairman of the NPD

Born 11 May 1946
Blexen, Lower Saxony
Died 29 October 2009 (aged 63)
Nationality German
Political party National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD)
Children Several[1]
Residence Hamburg, Blankenese[1]
Profession Lawyer
Website juergen-rieger.de/

Jürgen Hans Paul Rieger (11 May 1946–29 October 2009) was a German lawyer (German: Rechtsanwalt) in Hamburg as well as deputy chairman of the National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD) (as of October 2009),[2] known, as left-wing media claim, for his skepticism of the Holocaust.[1]


Jürgen Rieger nah.jpg

Rieger represented several nationalists, among them Ernst Zündel,[3] and revisionists in German courts. He was the lawyer of Arpad Wigand, former SS Police Leader of the Warsaw district in Occupied Poland, in his trial for alleged war crimes in Hamburg District Court. Wigand was subsequently found guilty in December 1981, and sentenced to 12.5 years.[4]

National advocacy

Rieger was once convicted for battery, after boldly protecting himself during an antifa attack, incitement of the people (Volksverhetzung), after insisting on the right of freedom of speech, and the use of prohibited symbols.[5] In 1995, he was attacked again, this time by several masked criminals with baseball bats, he was hospitalized with a head injury, bruising and grazes.[6]

He was a courageous man of character, always proud to be politically incorrect, and it was his honor to organize the annual Rudolf Heß commemorations. He was also editor of the biological anthropological (rassenbiologisch) magazin Neue Anthropologie.

He worked with Artgemeinschaft Germanische Glaubens-Gemeinschaft for many years and was a loyal friend to Ursula Haverbeck.[1] In the 1990s, he was active in the 1994 banned patriotic youth organization Wiking-Jugend and the Free German Workers' Party (Freiheitliche Deutsche Arbeiterpartei; FAP), which was banned by the FRG authorities in 1995.


Rieger joined the NPD in 2006, and became Hamburg chairman in 2007. He was an important figure for the NPD, because of his several party donations, the total amount was €500,000.[7]


On 29 October 2009, Rieger died in Berlin from a stroke. His children wrote:[8]

Our statement on the fate of our father, Jürgen Rieger:
"Because if you feel tied to a star, you don't turn back" (Leonardo da Vinci)
It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved father. One of his guiding principles comes from Confucius: "He who knows his duty but does nothing shows a lack of courage." He was brave. He didn't spare himself. "People talk about me, but not with me," he often said. However, those who spoke to him discovered a warm-hearted, life-affirming man of brilliant mind and great knowledge. His passionate love for Germany was characteristic of him.

His friend and comrade-in-arms Thomas Wulff wrote:

Comrades, fellow Germans!
I have the sad duty to announce to you: THE LAWYER FOR GERMANY – JÜRGEN RIEGER – IS DEAD!
As late as Saturday, 24 October 2009, Comrade Rieger, following the command of his conscience and with his unshakable faith in Germany, was involved in the political struggle. In the capital of the Reich, Berlin, fate ended this fight late on Saturday afternoon. This afternoon, shortly after 1300 hours, his strong fighting heart stopped beating. Our thoughts are now particularly with Jürgen, as they have been for days. Our sympathy goes to his family and especially to his beloved children, who, although politically completely independent of their father, never betrayed him.

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