Hermann Detzner

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Hermann Detzner.

Hermann Philipp Detzner (16 October 1882 – 1 December 1970) was a German engineer, surveyor, and officer in German colonies.

He gained fame for evading capture after Australian troops invaded German New Guinea at the start of World War I. He concealed himself in the jungle with a band of approximately 20 soldiers. He explored areas of the New Guinea's hinterland formerly unseen by Europeans. After finding out that the war had ended, Detzner surrendered in full dress uniform, flying the Imperial flag, to Australian forces in January 1919. He received a hero's welcome when he returned to Germany.

He wrote a bestselling book about his adventures — Four Years Among the Cannibals in the Interior of German New Guinea under the Imperial Flag, from 1914 until the Armistice. In the late 1920s, scientific portions of his book were discredited. In 1932, he admitted that he had mixed fact and fiction.

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