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Heinz Spanknoebel (born in Berlin) was a German National Socialist who came to America in 1930. He move to Detroit and became a photograph finisher to support his wife and children in Wurzburg. Later he found employment with the Ford Motor Company.

Heinz Spanknoebel was appointed leader of the Friends of New Germany by Robert Ley of the Foreign Propaganda Bureau in Hamburg.[1] The new organization replaced an earlier German-American group known as the Teutonia Association.[2] As leader of the new group he organized meetings all across America and started the German language paper Deutsche Zeitung. Units of the group were located in Detroit, New York, Cincinnati , Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.[3] In September 1933--just a few months after the group was formed--Spanknoebel was indicted for failing to register as a foreign agent. Shortly thereafter he returned to Germany and later became director of the "Propaganda School for Germans Living Abroad."[4]

Spanknoebel was a former Seventh Day Adventist minister.


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