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Hans Heinrich Lammers (27 May 1879 - 4 January 1962) was a prominent National Socialist. From 1933 until 1945 he served as head of the Reich Chancellery under Adolf Hitler.

At one of the Nuremberg trials, Lammers was sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

Lammers stated on the Holocaust that he "knew nothing about it until the moment of the collapse, that is, the end of April 1945 or the beginning of May, when I heard such reports from foreign broadcasting stations. I did not believe them at the time, and only later on I found further material here, in the newspapers. If we are speaking now of the elimination of a harmful influence that is far from meaning annihilation. The Fuehrer did not say a word about murder; no mention was ever made of such a plan."[1]

He also stated that during the war he had investigated rumors of Jews being killed and asked Himmler and Hitler about these. Both rejected the rumors and stated Jews were deported but not killed. Lammers believed the rumors to have been based mostly on foreign broadcasts.[2]

A WWII document states that in March or April 1942, Hitler had repeatedly informed Lammers "that he wanted to postpone the solution of the Jewish question until after the war."[3]


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