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A shirt with the slogan "European Brotherhood"[1] at a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. on 12 August 2017

White supremacism was a historical political movement that believed that Whites are superior to some non-White populations and therefore should control or rule these groups (possibly for the benefit of all groups). Nowadays, there are virtually no White supremacist organizations in the world, although the terminating term "white supremacy" is used by Leftists and racially motivated non-whites to intentionally dismiss any type of white pride, white patriotism or even white awareness (Identitarianism).

Black pride, Gay pride, Asian pride, and White pride, as explained by Wikipedia, applying a double standard.



Thank White people for: [...]

In contemporary political discourse, the term is primarily used as a straw man label on individuals and groups simply supporting the interests of Whites, despite a similar label not being applied to individuals and groups supporting the interests of non-Whites, thus also meaning a double standard regarding applying such labels.

Claims of "White supremacism" are routinely applied by groups such as the SPLC and the ADL to disliked individuals and groups, without citing evidence showing actual support for "White supremacist" views. Such unsupported claims are then mass repeated by the politically correct mass media and politically correct websites such as Wikipedia.

Some claims may be associated with agent provocateur activities and false flag operations.


"White supremacy" was a term used by some organizations in the United States, such as the Ku Klux Klan and National States Rights Party.

More generally, the term "White supremacism" has been applied to historical movements supporting White colonialism. Such colonialism was not necessarily motivated by self-interest, but could be motivated by a desire to improve the situation for non-Whites. See the Colonialism article.

Strangely, pro-White organizations are often implied to want to Holocaust others due to being often falsely implied to be (concealed) National Socialist organizations, despite that virtually all National Socialist organizations have been Holocaust revisionist.

Since the 1970s pro-White organizations have chosen self-identifying labels as White nationalism or White separatism.

White pride

White pride is the legitimate and essential pride of white people (racial awareness) in the unparalleled achievements of their race that led from the Middle Ages to the modern age.


  • I object strongly to the assumption that one race is "superior" or "inferior" to another, just as I object to the assumption that all races are alike or even equal. Such assumptions are wholly unwarranted by facts. Equality or inequality, superiority and inferiority, are all relative terms.Madison Grant, in: Conquest of a Continent, p. ix
  • If we compare the germ-plasm to the molecules constituting the stem or branches of a vine, its grapes and leaves in their similarity and their variety would be comparable to the individuals belonging to the same family, and springing from the same family tree. [...] If one grape is blue, the next will be blue too, but no one would say that it was blue because the last grape was blue. [...] The child of a negro must always be a negro; his peculiarities are constant, though it may be quite true that the negro and other races are not different species, but only varieties rendered constant by immense periods of time.Friedrich Max Müller, in: My Autobiography, pp. 28–29

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  1. "European Brotherhood was founded on 2014 by a group of European Nationalists who care about the future of their land." Source: https://europeanbrotherhood.com/