Alternative Right (magazine)

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Alternative Right
Alternative Right.png
Existence 2010—present
Type online magazine
Purpose Paleoconservatism
American nationalism
Location United States
Affiliation National Policy Institute
Leader Richard B. Spencer (2010-2013)
Andy Nowicki (2013-present)

Alternative Right, also known as AltRight, is an online magazine publication based in the United States. The project was founded in 2010 by Richard B. Spencer of the National Policy Institute: Spencer had also been an editor at The American Conservative and Taki's Magazine. Within the spectrum of American politics, Alternative Right intellectually takes a traditionalist and paleoconservative stance, contrary to neoconservatism and globalism.

New Alternative Right

Towards the end of 2013, the Alternative Right website was shutdown and then redirected to a blogsite. The previous editor of the project Richard B. Spencer left the website but continues to write for an NPI-affiliated online publication known as the Radix Journal (with the likes of Roman Bernard and Jack Donovan) and took with him the Vanguard Radio podcast. On the other hand some writers were opposed to it being closed; Colin Liddell and Andy Nowicki decided to continue with the Alt-Right project and write under the banner of the New Alternative Right.

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