The Man in the High Castle

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The Man in the High Castle is the title of a 1962 alternative history novel by the American writer Philip K. Dick as well as the title of a 2015 TV series loosely based on the novel.


The novel is set in 1962. The Allies lost World War II which lasted until 1947. The Unites States has been divided between Japan and Germany. Blacks have been killed or enslaved. A less politically correct aspect is rapid technological progress with manned space flights already having reached Mars.

The story involves negatively describing the daily life in the dystopian United States, an opposition movement, and high-level political intrigues between and in Japan and Germany.

An alternative-alternative history device is the banned novel The Grasshopper Lies Heavy which describes an alternative history which is different from the history of both the real world and the alternative history of the world of The Man in the High Castle. (Various forms of skepticism/uncertainty of observable reality is a common theme in the fictional works by Philip K. Dick who himself suffered from hallucinations.)

TV series

The 2015 TV series is loosely based on the novel.

Even the National Socialists never use any other term than "Nazi" to describe themselves and Germany has been officially renamed to the "Greater Nazi Reich" [sic].

The Holocaust and other German mass murders are common knowledge and areas are occasionally covered with falling corpse ash/flakes from the burning of the victims of mass murders.

The depiction of Japanese culture has been criticized consistently erroneous.[1]

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