The Iron Dream

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The Iron Dream is a 1972 alternative history novel by American author Norman Spinrad, a social anarchist. In the novel, Adolf Hitler emigrated to the United States in 1919 and became a science fiction illustrator, editor, and author. His final science fantasy novel was Lord of the Swastika, described as similar to Hitler's real life, but "ending not in defeat, but in global, indeed galactic, dominion".

The Iron Dream novel is anti-National Socialist, presenting a politically correct view on National Socialism and its supposed goals such as "Master Race", with the novel also having additional purposes such as criticizing supposed pro-National Socialist themes in fantasy and science fiction. However, in 1982, apparently believing that this far left view on National Socialism represented actual National Socialist views, the book was "indexed" in West Germany by the "Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons" for its alleged promotion of National Socialism. Spinrad's publisher challenged this in court but, until the ban was overturned in 1987, the book could be sold, but not advertised or publicly displayed.

Spinrad alleged that the American Nazi Party put the book on its recommended reading list, but presented no evidence for this.

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