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Swastika Vandalism is vandalism aimed at garnering sympathy for victims of faith-hatred (or other minorities) for some kind of political or (sometimes) personal reason/gain.

It is sometimes referred to as a "false-flag" because it has at times been carried out by members of the "persecuted minority" themselves. (Other possibilities exist, however, including the origins of the 1960 "Swastika Wave" - possibly the first notable appearance of such attacks and considered by some to be a Cold War tactic orchestrated by the KGB).

False-flag Swastica vandalism is predominantly or overwhelmingly antisemitic (minor examples of Muslims or race-based attacks appear below). Antisemitic attacks are a serious problem though many are non-contact. Reports of such attack rise dramatically at intervals - with Jews suffering particularly when Gaza or other populations are being attacked by Israel. The high proportion and relatively large number of these "false-flag" or "Swastika Vandalism" attacks led to Dr K R Bolton claiming that "... organisations such as the US-based Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’rith exist mainly for the purpose of exaggerating the extent of anti-Semitism ... " on p.5 of his book "Anti-semitism: Cui Bono?".

Despite some of these "attacks" being wasteful of police time, damaging to race relations and potentially prosecutable as hate-crimes against goys, the perpetrators have often not been pursued or prosecuted. Perpetrators who have been identified are often treated as victims themselves, receiving sympathetic treatment, counselling or otherwise "offered help".

"Swastika Vandalim" is not restricted to Judaism and its perpetrators are not all Zionists. There is no long history of such incidents and many of the ones recorded since 1948 (and especially since 1967) are linked to Zionist attempts to encourage sympathy for, or emigration to Israel [Hebrew - aliyah].

Grave-stone attacks, a common form of Swastika Vandalism, may have started in 1960 (for Cold War purposes). There was a considerable peak in 2004 in France and the US and New Zealand when Israel suffered criticism for the apartheid wall, the near-demolition of Palestinian self-administration and fraudulent applications for passports/identity theft.



US, January

Starting on the 9th January and widely linked to the inauguration of Donald J Trump on 20th Jan 2017, the ADL tallied 166 hoax bomb threats to Jewish schools, synagogues and cultural centres in the US. A recording acquired by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency is of a caller threatening to kill Jews onboard a Delta flight.

Further incidents are alleged to have occured in New Zealand and Australia where police investigators were able to identify the IP address of the computer as being within Israel.[1]

These incidents led to widespread fear of rising antisemitism in the US. The Trump administration prevaricated, suggesting the threats could be politically motivated, before denouncing them and rejecting "antisemitic and hateful threats in the strongest terms" in Feb 2017.

In March a former journalist, Juan Thompson, was arrested in relation to eight of the bomb threats. Federal officials said some of the calls were made in the name of Thompson’s former partner as part of a campaign to harass and intimidate her.[2]

On 22nd March 19-year-old US-Israeli bi-national Jewish man Michael Kaydar was arrested in Ashkelon Israel, on behalf of the FBI.

He was suspected of being behind dozens of the anonymous calls and communications. Police said the suspect is not thought to have used regular phone lines and seized a number of computers as well as other equipment during the arrest. Some reports spoke of a large antenna. The suspect’s lawyer said her client suffers from a "very serious" medical condition, which had prevented him from serving in the army or going to school and may have affected his behaviour. Five month later, US authorities said that he had advertised his threat-making services on an online black marketplace.[3]

Vandalism affected 75 to 100 Jewish graves in the Mount Carmel Cemetery of Philadelphia[4] and over 100 headstones at the Chesed Shel Emeth cemetery in St Louis were damaged or knocked.[5]

At least three mosques were burned down in the same period and there were killings of Muslims and Sikhs.[6]

At least one of these attacks is not/was not being treated as a hate-crime, despite the Islamophobic record of the accused.

Isaac Wayne Wilson was caught lying in mulch on the property of the Islamic Center of Eastside at the time of the fire and remained fixated on the scene, telling a Bellevue officer, "I did it," police reports say. Meanwhile, the mosque was left destroyed. ... Wilson was convicted of fourth-degree assault and disorderly conduct last year for assaulting a member of the same mosque, court records indicate.[7]


US, Febuary

In February 2014, New York yeshiva student, Jonathan Schuster, aged 18, admitted to repeatedly scrawling anti-Semitic graffiti inside Cedarhurst Long Island Rail Road commuter station, located in a neighborhood with a large Orthodox Jewish population. Obscenities directed at Orthodox Jews were scrawled on train platform billboards or station signs. On one occasion, a swastika was etched into the wall of a platform shelter.[8]

The Torah Academy of Lawrence-Cedarhurst billed itself as "the pioneering leader in alternative yeshiva high schooling to service capable and gifted young men whose needs are not being met by the traditional yeshiva system." The school "has led countless at-risk teenage boys to abandon self-destructive behavior and become true bnei Torah and observant Jews," the yeshiva’s website says. However, Schuster is reported as having no criminal record and there is [Feb 2015] no Internet record of his punishment in this case.

Subsequent attacks at the same station in Jan 2015 saw Anti-Semitic symbols etched into a glass panel days after it had been replaced for a similar incident.[9]


US, January

David Haddad's poorly drawn swastikas

In 2012, a 56-year-old man Jew, David Haddad of Manhattan, was caught painting swastikas in New York.[10][11]

The police connected Haddad to four incidents: threatening phone calls made to an 80-year-old woman in Brooklyn on December 11, 2011; anti-Semitic symbols and statements scrawled on five apartment doors and a threatening phone received in a building in Manhattan on January 10, 2012; a threatening phone call made to an 87-year-old woman in Manhattan on January 11; and a threatening voicemail message left for a 78-year-old woman in Brooklyn on January 1, authorities said. There is a two-minute video of a FOXNY.COM report available on YouTube.[12]


US, September

Police believe that in Sept 2007, Ivaylo Ivanov defaced synagogues and apartment buildings on his quiet Brooklyn Heights street with swastikas, and he was preparing for terrorism, presumably targeting Jews with the pipe bombs, crossbow and sniper rifle that were discovered in his apartment. The armaments were found alongside a flier bearing a large swastika saying "Kill All Jews. Israel Land of Pigs, Die, Die, Die." Ivanov, according to his lawyer, is Jewish. Ivanov was arrested Jan. 20 but pleaded not guilty.[13]

Rabbi Serge Lippe, spiritual leader of Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, which was one of the two defaced by Ivanov’s swastikas, says that he isn’t sure that the alleged criminal’s claim of being Jewish isn’t just a smokescreen. "Whether or not this guy has a Jewish parent, I would be very surprised to find that this person had any Jewish upbringing," he says. "If indeed he has some sort of Jewish heritage, it’s sad that it’s clearly such a conflicted and angry one." But the truth is, Rabbi Lippe says, "I’m more concerned about his ability to get a hold of explosives and guns than I am the question of whether or not he is on any level Jewish."[13]

US, October

George Washington University freshman Sarah Marshak, 18 years old, reported that five swastikas had been drawn on her dorm room door over eight days. Another swastika was drawn on another Jewish student’s door, and on a fence near a university hospital. She is known to have painted the later ones (at least) herself.

There have been dozens of cases like Marshak’s in the last few years, says Sander Gilman, distinguished professor of the liberal arts and sciences at Emory University in an article in the Jewish Week.[13] See details of the article below

The Jewish Week article adds that Marshak wasn’t the only one to have drawn swastikas on her campus - someone who was later barred from campus but never publicly identified, had also done it. Marshak at first denied having painted any of the hate symbols and then, when confronted with security video, she admitted to painting several, but maintained it was because university officials were not responding appropriately to the first ones.[13][14][15]

At least one commentator[16] has linked this case to "The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007", a bill sponsored by Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) in the 110th United States Congress.

The stated purpose of this bill was to deal with "homegrown terrorism and violent radicalization" by establishing a national commission, establishing a center for study, and cooperating with other nations. The bill was introduced in Congress with 15 co-sponsors in April 2007 and passed in Oct 2007 by a vote of 404 to 6. (22 abstentions) This bill failed to get legislative time in the Senate and did not become law during the 110th Congress.[17]

US, December

In Dec 2007, one of those arrested in December’s Q train attack here on Jewish subway riders returning from a Chanukah celebration, Joseph Jirovic, is Jewish, according to his attorney.[13]

Israel, September

In September, neo-Nazi Israelis from Petach Tikvah were arrested for assault and for vandalizing a synagogue.[13]

The gang of eight were of Russian origin, and Israeli authorities said that they had desecrated synagogues and staged at least 15 attacks on religious Jews, Asian workers, drug addicts and homosexuals. The arrests had been made a year after the desecration of two synagogues sprayed with swastikas in Petah Tikva. A photograph of six of the suspects raising their arms in a Nazi salute ran across the front page of Israel's most widely read newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, under a one-word headline: "Unbelievable!"

Zalman Gilchinsky, an Israeli who has been documenting neo-Nazi groups for several years, said they are more common than Israeli leaders are willing to admit. "There are such groups in nearly every city in Israel," he said on Israel radio. "This group was perhaps a little careless and a little too violent, and this is why they got caught."[18]


France, January 2004

Head of the organization "French Friends of Israel's Likud Party," Alex Moise, filed a complaint that he had received numerous intimidating anti-Semitic calls and threats. In May, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported Moise that was fined $1,000 and received a 2 month suspended jail sentence after confessing to staging the threats himself.[19] Describing Moise as a "friend and a serious worker for the community," Sammy Ghozlan, president of the Bureau For Vigilance Against Anti-Semitism, said he is "shocked that a community leader would do something like this in the current climate."

France, May 2004

Julien Sudrie, 18, plead guilty to placing a false bomb in the grounds of a synagogue in Villers-le-Bel and "also found guilty of placing another device outside the home of a member of the same Jewish community" north of Paris.

He was sentenced to two months in jail. Explaining the relatively light sentence (included a 12-month suspended portion) the court noted that Sudrie had been undergoing psychiatric treatment and was not suspected of being motivated by anti-Semitism.

Nissim-Nachum Sultan, rabbi of the synagogue, had appealed to the court to show "the greatest clemency possible" in sentencing Sudrie, noting that Sudrie had shown remorse for his actions. The rabbi said he was satisfied with the verdict.[20]

France, July 2004

On July 11, 23-year old French citizen Marie-Leonie claimed she and her 13-month old baby were savagely attacked on a train north of Paris by a gang of six "North African appearing" men who accused her of being Jewish. They allegedly used a knife to cut her hair and rip her clothes, and then proceeded to draw swastikas on her stomach as other passengers stood by passively. The attack was widely condemned throughout France.

President Jacque Chirac himself reacted with "horror" as all accusatory fingers pointed toward France's large North African Arab community as the repository of such anti-social, violent behavior.

After the most preliminary investigation, questions immediately arose when no evidence or witnesses to the purported attack could be uncovered.

It did not take long for Marie-Leonie to admit she fabricated the entire affair.

She subsequently admitted she had made the story up and was given a four month suspended sentence.

The collapse of the "affair of the RER railway" embarrassed President Chirac as he prepared to give his annual Bastille Day pep talk to the nation today, with racism and hate crimes among the top subjects.

Despite an investigation involving more than 100 officers, police had said earlier yesterday that they had been unable to confirm any details of the woman’s account. "We have found elements in the case which cast a very strong shadow over her statements," Jean-Paul Proust, chief of the Paris police, had said. She and the baby had suffered light injuries, but there was a mystery over their origin, police said.

Train personnel had also denied her claims that she had reported the incident to them and her mobile phone records also contradicted her story. One account suggested that she had boarded the train with her clothes already cut.

Newspapers had also reported that Marie-Leonie, the daughter of a Paris school janitor, had a record of making complaints to the police over the past five years about attacks that were never confirmed. Her friends and family said that she was known as a fantasist and had been under psychiatric care.

Jean-François Coppé, junior Interior Minister and government spokesman, said that the train affair, true or not, made no difference to France’s need to fight growing intolerance toward minorities.

According to official figures last week, hate crimes doubled in the first half of the year, with 510 anti-Jewish acts or threats reported to police. M Chirac warned France last week to stop turning a blind eye to rising anti-Semitism and racial intolerance.

France, August 2004

Swastikas and anti-Jewish slogans were scrawled on the walls of a community centre in east Paris before it was set ablaze on the night of Saturday 21 August 2004. One message read, "Without the Jews, the world is happy," while another said, "Jews get out."

A claim of responsibility was made by a previously unknown Islamic group, Jamaat Ansar Al-Jihad, on a Web site known for militant Islamic comment, claiming that "a group of Mujahedeen youth set fire at 4 a.m. Paris time to the Jewish synagogue [sic] in Paris in retaliation for the racist acts carried out by the Jews in France against Islam and Muslims, and acts of defiling Muslims' cemeteries." It said the blaze marked the 35th anniversary of a fire at al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, which gutted the southeastern wing of the holy shrine. Investigators said they doubted the claim because they did not believe a small neighborhood community center would have drawn attention from international militant groups.

French leaders spoke out strongly and renewed pledges to declare war on anti-Semitism. Israeli Foreign Minister, Silvan Shalom, visited the site and condemned the attack but praised French efforts to curb a rise in anti-Semitism in the country since 2000, with a series of attacks coinciding with worsening tensions in the Middle East.

By Monday French investigators said they were skeptical about the claims of responsibility[21] and French media reported that an arrested suspect was a worker at the community centre (alternatively "Jewish meeting place and soup kitchen").

By the following Monday, 30th August, Police sources said that the person detained was a 50- year-old Jewish man who sometimes worked as a guard at the centre, but who management wanted to sack. He was "more or less homeless" and "mentally unstable".[22]

The large Muslim community in Eastern Paris was at the time a frequent target of racist attacks. Both Jewish and Muslim cemeteries had been desecrated in France before this with swastikas painted across headstones.

New Zealand, July 2004

Grave-stones smashed

Considerable vandalism of Jewish graves occured in Wellington, NZ on July 15th and August 2004 (only the 2nd and 3rd incidents in New Zealand ever). Sixteen Jewish headstones in Wellington’s Bolton Street Memorial Park were smashed and then 92 Jewish headstones and a Jewish chapel attacked at Makara cemetery.

Israeli spies caught

These incidents occured after two Israelis, accused of being Mossad agents, were caught (March 2004) and jailed (Jul 2004) for identity theft and passport fraud (two other Israeli suspects are thought to have escaped). They were deported after serving either two[23] or three months[24]. One of them had visited New Zealand 24 times between October 2000 and March 2004, claiming to work as a travel agent.[25]

New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark said "The ball is in Israel's court as to where it wants to move from here. Three months ago we asked for an apology and an explanation. That has not been forthcoming."[26]

Clark said that an official inquiry that began after the arrests revealed that an Israeli passport factory had been issuing New Zealand passports. "We turned up a very small number that emanated from what we believe to be Israeli intelligence. Those passports have been cancelled and it would be futile to attempt to use them."[27]

Zionist response

The NZ Jewish Chronicle reported "Israeli officials and Zwartz have drawn a connection between [the NZ Government’s] blistering attacks on Israel, and the fact that the first grave desecration took place less than 24 hours after the public upbraiding of Israel." An Israeli official was cited as stating that Clark had given "legitimacy to act to those who are anti-Semitic ... "[28] A Parliamentary motion against ‘’anti-Semitism’ passed unanimously in October 2004.

The head of the New Zealand-Jewish community, David Zwartz, said, "there is a direct connection between the very strong expressions against Israel and people here feeling they can take it out on Jews. It seems to me Israel-bashing one day, Jew-bashing the next day."[26][29]

NZ National Front accused

Round about the year 2004 a "New Zealand National Front" (the fourth version of a ‘National Front’ in NZ since the late 1960s) led by Kyle Chapman was attempting to make itself respectable as a political party. ("Anti-semitism: Cui Bono? A Report on the Symbiosis Between Anti-Semitism & Zionism" Dr K R Bolton) NZNF was accused of having been behind the desecrations, although there had been no statements or actions to indicate that NZNF had incited, encouraged or approved of any such actions. The author of the book, Dr KR Bolton, was the NZNF’s national secretary at the time and would have expected to have known about any planned filming of the graves.[30]

However, in the aftermath of either the spying scandal or the smashing of the grave stones, the NZNF suffered a substantial, instigated, backlash eg a "Never Again" leaflet distributed at an ‘anti-racism meeting’ claiming that ‘euthanasia’ was an NF policy, the NF was ‘anti-union’ and calling for violent action against "the Right", subsequent to which a peaceful demonstration was attacked.

A suspicious incident reported in the "Dominion Post" in Oct concerned a mysterious film crew, attempting to give the impression that they were from the National Front while making a documentary. The Post article stated that Wellington council staff contacted police after ‘3 or 4 men’ were seen filming the broken graves at the Bolton Street cemetery and attempting to interview the Council staff. "The men left without supplying a good reason for filming. ‘They were being vague about what they were doing. They certainly weren’t a legitimate film crew from a mainstream company or anything like that.’"[31]

These incidents came about at a time when David Irving, accused and discredited as a Holocaust denier, had been refused entry into New Zealand at the invitation of the New Zealand Press Club. Speaking at a service at the site of the Bolton Street vandalism, Zwartz addressed the crowd, and specifically Marion Hobbs, Minister of Biosecurity, challenging the Government to keep Irving out: "I would hope that NZ shows as much concern for live Jews as you have shown for dead ones." In August 2004, the NZ Jewish Chronicle compared Irving to a biosecurity hazard (a well-known New Zealand concern). Says Bolton "The Zionists considered Irving, not surprisingly, as more of a risk to New Zealand security than Mossad spies."

In the words of Dr KR Bolton from his article/book "The possibility of dirty tricks and wider agendas beyond the initial attack of 16 graves is surely more plausible than the wacky conspiracy theory peddled by the Israeli Ambassador Yaakov Morris, back around ca. 1980 when Jewish graves were vandalised in Karori cemetery. Mr Morris theorised in Truth tabloid that the vandalism (including the painted slogan "Six million was not enought [sic]" with appropriately wrong spelling just to emphasise the ignorance of ‘anti-Semites’), was the work of a coterie of extreme Left antiZionists, elderly veterans from the British Palestine Police, British National Front immigrants direct from England and home-grown nazis. That desecration incidentally took at the time West Germany was debating the statute of limitations on nazi war criminals."

Dr KR Bolton loosely links the 2004 gravestone smashings to the only previously reported (and genuinely antisemitic?) incident ever to occur in New Zealand, when one headstone honouring fourteen Jews at "the old" Wanganui (Karori?) cemetery were smashed and painted with red swastikas. See New Zealand 1980 below.

US, March 2004

Kerri Dunn, a visiting professor of psychology at Claremont McKenna College told police that her car was spraypainted with racist and sexist epithets and vandalized with broken windows and slashed tires on 9th March 2004 as she spoke at a forum on racism.

The incident angered students, who staged sit-ins and anti-hate rallies the following day at the prestigious group of liberal arts colleges. Classes were canceled for a day and the administration offered a $10,000 reward. At one rally Dunn told about 2,500 students the incident was "a well-planned out act of terrorism."

Police later announced that two witnesses saw Dunn drive into the college parking lot with her car already spray-painted. She then popped the tires, they said. Dunn allegedly approached the witnesses, who were sitting in their car, and asked if they saw anyone damage her vehicle.

"I was thinking to myself, 'Yeah, we just saw you pop your tires,'" one of the witnesses told police.

Dunn gave conflicting statements in two interviews with police and the FBI but her attorney, Gary Lincenberg, issued a statement claiming it was inappropriate for police to accuse her. "The police statement is irresponsible and has irreparably damaged her reputation and emotional health," he said.

Dunn, 39, was eventually charged with filing a false police report and insurance fraud and could have faced three years in prison. She told the Los Angeles Times the current investigation was overshadowing the larger issue of racism on campus.

US, October 2004

On the morning of October 18, 2004, several dozen swastikas were found spraypainted on Jewish buildings. Olga Abramovich, 49, (described as Russian Orthodox or Jewish[32]) of Brooklyn, admitted that she'd done it in anger at her Jewish former husband for dumping her and marrying a younger woman.

"What can do you with all these enemies around?" asked Sara Furman, 81. a Holocaust survivor from Ukraine who spoke through a translator. "Only enemies would do something like this."[33]

US, c.2003

A few years ago [appears 2007 in "Jewish Week"] a three-foot-tall swastika and the words "Die Jews" were painted on a university building at Northwestern University. Turns out that there, too, a Jewish student was the culprit.[13]


Italy, October

On 22nd Oct Luis Marsiglia, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, fled to South America after admitting he fabricated an attack which shocked the country and fuelled fears of swelling anti-semitism. Mr Marsiglia, who taught theology at Verona's elite Maffei secondary school, dominated the headlines after reporting that he had been ambushed by three youths wielding iron bars.

Cut and bruised, the Uruguay-born teacher had suggested that his assailants were pupils unleashed by colleagues. He said: "The gang were shouting things in support of Jörg Haider. They screamed: 'You're a dirty Jew, get out of Verona'." He claimed that a swastika had been painted on his door and showed investigators anti-semitic icons allegedly sent to him as part of a hate campaign.

The ruling centre-left coalition blamed the opposition leader Silvio Berlusconi for rising racism by making an issue of race and immigration. "The centre right should examine its conscience," said Pierluigi Castagnetti, leader of the Italian Popular party and the centre-right opposition demanded an apology from those who accused it of fostering racism with xenophobic rhetoric.

Investigators exposed the deception at the weekend. Mr Marsiglia, 43, admitted beating his legs with a piece of wood and scratching his arms with an iron bar.

His lawyer, Guariente Guarienti, said the teacher was distraught at the prospect of losing his job after failing to provide evidence of his qualifications.[34]


US, April

Failing talk-show host Morton Downey, Jr. claimed that "nazi skinheads" attacked him and painted a swastika on his forehead in an airport bathroom. It was widely assumed that he'd drawn it himself, backwards, in front of the mirror.[35]

US, November

In Binghamton, NY, swastikas and slogans (including "Kill Kikes" and "Zionazi Racist") are found inside the door leading to the Jewish Student Union of the State University. The New York Times, November 15, 1989, reports that the perpetrator is the former president of the Jewish Student Union, James Oppenheimer, who lead protests in condemning the vandalism.reference required

US, August

Early in the morning of Aug. 11, arson destroyed the sanctuary of the Young Israel Synagogue on Albany Avenue in West Harford. Four nights later a chapel in the Emanuel Synagogue a few blocks away was damaged by another fire. The next night the home of Rabbi Solomon Krupka, spiritual leader of the Young Israel Synagogue, was burned. [Another unnamed residence was attacked]

In December, a 17-year-old member of the synagogue was arrested today charged with four counts of second-degree arson. Barry Dov Schuss, surrendered voluntarily to authorities in West Hartford, closing the case.[36]


New Zealand - unsolved

Some time around 1980, a headstone honouring fourteen Jews at "the old cemetery" of Wanganui (Karori?) was smashed and painted with red swastikas.

Dr KR Bolton links this genuine antisemitic attack (not false-flag "Swastika Vandalism") to:

"a certain Nic Miller, a young self-styled neo-nazi and uncompromising anti-Semite, had made a name for himself for baiting the Left on internet forums, and for alleged involvement in the assault on several drunken Somalis who had accosted and assaulted him at Newtown while he was walking alone. ... Whilst awaiting trial he was put on curfew and was obliged to reside in Wanganui. ... By chance, at the time of Mr Millers’ presence in the city, a headstone honouring fourteen Jews at the old cemetery was smashed and painted with red swastikas."

Bolton describes the assault case as "a cause celebre of the extreme Left, despite Miller being the victim" (Miller was acquitted on the assault charge after two trials, but apparently never charged or officially suspected over the gravestone smashing). Bolton does not explain how Nic Miller could have been using Internet Forums in 1980, though early forms of such communication were appearing.

1960 Stasi operation

A wave of swastika daubings on buildings throughout West Germany in December 1959 (starting in Cologne) and January 1960 was actually organized by the East German Stasi and its Soviet Russian counterpart, the KGB, under the name "Operation J".

Similar incidents occured around the world (Copenhagen, London, New York, Melbourne, Buenos Aires, Mexico[37]) until reports dropped off in February 1960, the phase having lasted approximately nine weeks.

Considerable media interest and anti-German propaganda was generated around the world with much talk of the danger of "Neo-Nazism" in West Germany.

On this little-known chapter of history, the German-language Israeli daily paper Israel Nachrichten reported:

"To serve its own purposes, the State Security [Ministry] infiltrated the right-wing scene in the [West German] Federal Republic. In December 1959 it gave the order to paint West German synagogues with swastikas. This created a scandal: Bonn was brought into disrepute. Two years later the Stasi generals hatched 'Operation Forget Me Not." They manufactured anti-Jewish smear 22 sheets for distribution in West Germany. Nothing was left to chance. Even thinking ahead to the panic-stricken Jewish reaction, they produced letters in which formerly persecuted persons announced their flight from West Germany. This would prove to the entire world that only the [East] German Democratic Republic had overcome fascism. Accordingly, Pankow [East Berlin] represented the democratic Germany, while Bonn represented a brown [fascist] monster."

Jewish cemetery desecration incidents - highlighted in newspapers and magazines around the world - further discredited the West German Federal Republic and bolstered the "progressive" and "anti-fascist" image of the East Berlin regime.

Bonn government officials claimed that Stasi agents continued their work into the 1970s and 1980s, infiltrating West German "neo-Nazi" groups and staging "right wing attacks."

The head of the "Federal Office for Constitutional Protection," Eckert Werthebach, confirmed in April 1991 that East Berlin agents had helped organize "neo-Nazi" activities during the 1960s and 1970s. Several neo-Nazi activists, he confirmed, had actually been Stasi agents. This was a "perverse connection," he said, "but when it involved destabilizing the Federal Republic, any means were valid for the Stasi ."

Sources cited by Bolton for this claim are as follows: "E. Germany Ran Antisemitic Campaign in West in '60s," The Washington Post, Feb. 28, 1993; Verheimlichte Dokumente, Band 2 (Munich: 1995), pp. 371-372, 382, 383, 393; "Rabbinersohn steuerte Antisemitismus," Deutsche National-Zeitung (Munich), Dec. 8, 1995, p. 4; Vorsicht Fälschung (Munich. 1994), pp. 434-435, 445. [End of German-language Israeli daily paper Israel Nachrichten article].

Another book, John Barron's "The KGB - The World of the Soviet Secret Police" states that Gen. Ivan Agayants, head of the KGB’s disinformation department, sent a team of KGB agents to a village about fifty miles from Moscow.

"One night they smeared swastikas, kicked over tombstones, and painted anti-Jewish slogans, then escaped undetected. KGB agents stationed in the village to gauge the public reaction reported that most people were disturbed or frightened by the swastikas ... Some weeks after this trial run in the Soviet village, the KGB began the operation, relying upon East Germans in West Germany and its own agents in other parts of the world ... "

Although John Barron published his book in 1974, and the German White Paper was published in 1960, not much has been said about the Soviet instigation of the incidents.

Barron reported that the world-wide reaction was instant and uniformly disparaging of West Germany. American poet Carl Sandburg advocated the death penalty for anyone caught painting swastikas. British businessmen cancelled contracts for German products, German employees were fired, British newspaper expressed doubts as to whether West Germany should be a NATO partner. The New York Herald Tribune headlined an article: "Bonn unable to eliminate Nazi poison."

Bolton claims that the two Communist officials most responsible for these fake anti-Jewish actions were themselves Jewish. Markus Wolf was the son of Jewish-Communist writer Friedrich Wolf and for 33 years chief of East Germany's Ministry for State Security (the "Stasi"). He worked closely with Albert Norden, son of a rabbi, chief of East Germany's propaganda machine and a member of the East Berlin Communist party Politburo. Phoney anti-Semitic hate letters were mailed to Jewish community centers and individual Jews throughout West Germany - one read: "Obviously you Jews have not yet grasped that you must disappear from Germany. Apparently it wasn't enough that we gassed six million of you." And: "Your extermination has only been interrupted. We know all of you."

A booklet published in 1965 by the British Section of the Zionist ‘World Jewish Congress’ confirmed the legislative benefits obtained:

"In some cases - Austria, Germany, Norway - existing legislation has been supplemented as a direct result of the swastika-daubing outbreak of the winter of 1959-60".[38]

According to the Jewish Telegraph Agency, Arabs in the Middle East were fearful Jews throughout Europe would move to Israel seeking security.[39]

From the same source, one explanation for the explosion of vandalism was the recent appearance of George Lincoln Rockwell's American Nazi Party.[40]

1952 prediction

Attacks of this form (part of "Cruel Zionism", as had been used in Iraq) were outlined and predicted in 1952 by Sharun, Editor of the Israeli newspaper,Davar:

"I shall not be ashamed to confess that if I had the power, as I have the will, I would select a score of efficient young men - intelligent, decent, devoted to our ideal and burning with the desire to help redeem Jews - and I would send them to the countries where Jews are absorbed in sinful self-satisfaction. The task of these young men would be to disguise themselves as non-Jews, and plague Jews with anti-Semitic slogans such as 'Blood Jew', 'Jews go to Palestine' and similar intimacies. I can vouch that the results in terms of a considerable immigration to Israel from these countries would be ten thousand times larger than the results brought by thousands of emissaries who have been preaching for decades to deaf ears" (Alfred Lilienthal, What Price Israel ?).

1948 "Cruel Zionism"

"Cruel Zionism" refers to attacks mounted by Zionists on Jews in Middle Eastern countries. While the concept is controversial, large numbers of Sephardim and Mizrah Jews in Israel believe this to have been done to trick them into emigrating from their homelands in order they settle in Israel in much less agreeable circumstances. Bomb-throwing was practically unknown in the Middle East and it is known that attacks in Baghdad (1950s), Cairo and Alexandria (1954) were carried out by Zionists. The bombing of an empty Jewish occupied flat in Casablanca in 1955 may have been aimed at the flat of the Moroccan landlord living above.

1940 bombing

Over 200 Jews died in the bombing of a British ship, the Patria, moored off Haifa. The Yishuv denied all knowledge and it was assumed to have been carried out by the terrorist Irgun or the Stern Gang. In 1957 the operative who had planted the bomb, Munya Mardor, disclosed that it was an official operation and he'd done it on behalf of the Haganah, the forerunner of the IDF.[41]

False-flag vandalism by Muslims

Two incidents have sometimes been portrayed as being "Swastika Vandalism"-style false-flag attacks. In both cases the faith-community seems to have disbelieved the accusation and punished the fraudster in their midst.

France, May 2012

In 2012[42] and 2013, mosques in France were vandalized with anti-Islamic words and swastikas. (False-flag swastikas are commonly drawn the wrong way round).

A 2013 case of anti-Islam graffiti on a mosque in Pau turned out to be the imam of the mosque. France fined the Moroccan national 1000 Euros and gave him 30 days to leave the country.[43] The Mosque association in Pau had already terminated his contract of employment as a result of his actions.

Australia, March 2009

Sheikh Al Hilaly [alternatively, Taj Din al-Hilali], former mufti of Australia and New Zealand, and "Australia's most controversial Sheikh" is noted for having claimed that "Muslims have more of a right to be in Australia than Australians do" and having said that "Women who wear short skirts are uncovered meat and deserved to be raped." It has been claimed that he had, "four wives living in different undisclosed locations".[44][45]

In March 2009, Hilaly reported to the police that a door to an office in the Lakemba Mosque had been kicked in, but camera footage showed he'd done it himself just minutes earlier. Muslim youths believe the sheik staged the vandalism to frame them in a political dispute with elders.[46]

Other faith-related "Swastika vandalism"

No such false-flag attacks by Christians, Buddhists etc have been reported at this time.

Miscellaneous, race related

US, 2017

The words “Go home,” followed by a racial slur, were found scrawled in marker on message boards outside the rooms of five black cadet candidates at the Air Force Academy Preparatory School in late September 2017. Superintendent, Lt. Gen. Jay Silveria, made a widely shared speech denouncing the act. Shortly after, Academy officials said in a statement that the cadet candidate had admitted to writing the slurs and was no longer enrolled at the school.[47]

US, 2005

Alicia Hardin, 19, African-American of Chicago was charged with a hate crime after she confessed to sending racially threatening mail to minority classmates, prompting a temporary evacuation of black and Latino students from campus.

A Trinity International University minority student, she is thought to have been trying to convince her parents that the Bannockburn school was too dangerous for her, police said. She was charged with disorderly conduct with bail set at $5,000.[48]

US, 1992

In May 1992, wheelchair-bound lesbian negro Azalea Cooley reported that vandals had spray-painted a swastika and "Burn Nigger Burn" on her house. She was found to be doing it herself.[49]

US, 1987

Tawana Glenda Brawley (born 1972) is an African-American who gained notoriety in 1987-88 for falsely accusing six white men of having raped her. See Wikipedia account of case.

Little sympathy for some vandalism victims

Despite considerable vandalism aimed at Muslims in France, and only trivial cases of swastika vandalism perpetrated by members of that community, the level of concern expressed is not great, with some commentary derisive and Islamophobic.

" ... graffiti on two mosques self-imposed vandalism Pro-France graffiti on French Mosque FRANCE: Anti-Islam graffiti on house of anti-’Islamophobia’ leader ... Heh! Swastikas on a mosque in France anti-Islam on mosque muslims looking for sympathy mosque vandalised "Islam out of Europe" decoration by Muslims Pigs head on mosque France, Strasbourg residents protest at indoctrination centre more pigs ‘magically’ appear on new mosque Swastikas on Muslim-owned buildings

Similar video fraud


A video that came out in Feb 2015 (after the Charlie Hebdo killings) has been damned as a video fraud and slander of the French people. Richard Silverstein reports that a widely publicised video made showing Israeli "journalist" Zvika Klein walking through allegedly Muslim Paris neighborhoods aroused indignation in Israeli and western media.[50]

However, the story aroused skepticism in French media. Les Inrocks published an investigative piece and interview with Klein which undermined many of the claims and assumptions on which his video was based. Klein claimed to have walked through the 23rd Arrondissement - there are only 20 in Paris. He claims he walked through Barbes in the Parisian suburbs when it’s in the city center. He claimed he was constantly harassed in Saracelles, but one-third of this neighborhood is itself Jewish. As Les Inrocks comment, Jewish residents have figured out a way to live with their Muslim neighbors.

The Les Inrocks reporter who wrote the story interviewed Klein. The interview was conducted in English, since he doesn’t speak French. Klein told him "a friend" translated the purported French slurs. We know nothing about who did the translations, what his background was, his level of knowledge of French, etc. Several French speakers told Silverstein after listening repeatedly to the audio, that they can’t hear the comments purported in the captions. This raises further concerns about the authenticity of this entire project, as do many of Klein's comments, his background and associates.

Silverstein editorialises;

... if you walk certain streets in Israel and the West Bank you will see even worse behavior. In Jerusalem, Haredi Jews spit at priests walking the streets of the Old City and spray graffiti on church buildings. In Hebron, settlers spit and throw rocks at Palestinian residents of the city. What’s the difference? Will Klein don a keffiyeh and walk the streets of Tapuach and Yizhar, particularly extremist Israeli settlements and report back on his reception there?

The Les Inrocks article also displays a tweet Klein published during Operation Protective Edge in which he quotes Meir Habib, a member of the French legislature who represents overseas French voters in Israel. None of the quotations he included in the article have Habib saying what Klein claimed in the tweet. At no time does he say there is no future for Jews in France. And even if he did, Habib is little more than a Likud appointee dutifully representing the views of his master, the Israeli prime minister, who’s called publicly for all Jews to leave not just France, but all of Europe. Silverstein asked Klein to explain the discrepancy, but he hasn’t responded.

Further Reading

  • Referenced many times above is "A Report on the Symbiosis Between Anti-Semitism & Zionism" by Dr K R Bolton 2006 Renaissance Press P. O. Box 1627 Paraparaumu Beach Kapiti 5252 New Zealand. [51]
  • Referenced a number of times above is an article "The New Jewish Self-Hatred" in the Jewish Week 30th Jan 2008. "There have been dozens of cases like Marshak’s in the last few years" says Sander Gilman ... There is a more subtle kind of a Jewish attack on other Jews as well, according to Dr. Samuel Klagsbrun, a psychiatrist and executive medical director at Four Winds Hospital, a psychiatric hospital in Katonah. ... "Their identity is really made up of hatred and a need to lash out against that part of them which makes them feel other, different. They have to kill it" said Klagsbrun.

See also


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