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Russian oligarchs refers to a small group of individuals who acquired tremendous wealth, significant political influence, and control of the mass media in Russia after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Many have been stated to be Jews. For example, six out of the seven oligarchs who made large fortunes as the oil and gas industries have been stated to be Jews.[1]

David Duke has stated that Russian President Boris Yeltsin, influenced by several prominent American Jewish advisors and a Jewish Privatization Minister, as part of the privatizing and reforming of the economy, issued vouchers to the population, which would be exchanged for shares in privatized companies. With the economy in free fall, people were willing to sell those vouchers on the cheap to anyone who would pay cash. International Jewish financiers, like George Soros, provided cash to certain Russian Jews. These Jews were then able to buy up massive amounts of vouchers and take control of the privatized state assets. The international financiers could not do it themselves, because they were not Russian citizens.[2]

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