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German Borisovich Khan
German Khan, February 2010.jpeg
Ethnicity Jewish[1]
Citizenship  Russia
Occupation Businessman

German Borisovich Khan (born 24 October 1961 in Kiev) was born a Ukrainian Jew but is today a Russian businessman.

His business interests are focused in the oil and gas industries. He studied at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (MISIS). When Alfa Group took over oil giant TNK-BP, it was Khan who was chosen to run the operation. Today TNK is half-owned by BP, but Khan retains his hold on the tiller, serving as executive director.

Khan's parents were from Lviv. He has three children and lives in the outskirts of Moscow.

He has been an active supporter of Jewish initiatives in Russia and Europe. Khan makes large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund, a non-profit organization aimed at developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance and reconciliation on the continent. He is a leading member of the Russian Jewish Congress.[2] Khan along with Stan Polovets and three fellow Russian Jewish billionaires, Mikhail Fridman, Pyotr Aven, and Alexander Knaster, founded the Genesis Philanthropy Group whose purpose is to develop and enhance Jewish identity among Russian-speaking Jews worldwide.[3][4]

According to US diplomatic cables released by wikileaks, he is known for carrying handguns to his business meetings.[5]


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