Rudolf Sintzenich

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Rudolf Sintzenich
Rudolf Sintzenich.jpg
Generalmajor Sintzenich and his troops captured and held the Loire bridges at Orleans during the Western Campaign. This was a decisive success, one made possible by the dedication that the General displayed in such a bold action. For this, he would receive the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross.
Birth date 13 July 1889
Place of birth Munich, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire
Death date 24 December 1948 (aged 59)
Place of death Munich, Allied-occupied Germany
Allegiance  German Empire
 Weimar Republic
 National Socialist Germany
Service/branch Fahne der Bayerischen Armee.png Royal Bavarian Army
Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
Freikorps Flag.jpg Freikorps
War Ensign of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1935.png Reichswehr
Balkenkreuz.jpg Heer
Years of service 1908–1945
Rank Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General)
Battles/wars World War I

World War II

Awards Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross

Rudolf Sintzenich (13 July 1889 – 24 December 1948) was a German officer of the Bavarian Army, the Imperial German Army, the Freikorps, the Reichswehr and the Wehrmacht, finally Lieutenant General, divisional commander and recipient of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross in WWII.


Behind Ritter von Epp and Ritter von Schobert in October 1938 are Rudolf Sintzenich (Stahlhelm), Otto Hartmann and Kurt Brennecke
General Rudolf Sintzenich mit Ritterkreuz.jpg

Rudolf was born in Bavaria the son of state railway inspector Georg Sintzenich and his wife Katarina, née Kammerl. He joined the Bavarian Army in 1908 as a Fahnenjunker (officer candidate)[1] and served with the 11. Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Regiment "von der Tann" in Regensburg. As of 1913, he served as adjutant of the 1st Battalion. In 1915, after being promoted to 1st Lieutenant, he served as regimental adjutant. Later he also served as adjutant of the 6th Royal Bavarian Infantry Brigade.


On 1 October 1919, he became company commander in the Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 48, on 1 October 1920 he became company commander in the 20. (Bayerisches) Infanterie-Regiment in Regensburg. In 1926, he served with the staff of the regiment. On 1 February 1928, he became adjutant if the Infantry Leader (Infanterieführer) VII, on 1 October 1933 of the 7th Division and on 1 October 1934 of the 7th Army Corps.


  • 1.10.1935 to 9.1.1940 Commander of the Infanterie-Regiment 61 in München
  • 10.1.1940 to 14.4.1940 Field Commandant (Feldkommandant) 671
  • 29.4.1940 to 4.10.1940 Commander of the 33. Infanterie-Division
  • 5.10.1940 to 11.3.1942 Commander of the 132. Infanterie-Division
  • 11.3.1942 Leader Reserve (Führerreserve)
  • 1.4.1942 to 23.12.1942 Commander of the 147. Reserve-Division
  • 23.12.1942 Leader Reserve (Führerreserve)
  • 1.3.1943 to 12.1.1944 Inspector of the Munich Defense Replacement Inspectorate (Inspekteur Wehrersatzinspektion)
  • 13.1.1944 to 1.2.1944 Commander of the of the Division Nr. 467
    • during his leave Lieutenant General Walter Poppe (at the same time commander of the 77. Infanterie-Division) became deputy commander
  • 25.4.1944 to 26.3.1945 Commander of the Division Nr. 467
    • 26.3.1945 to 18.4.1945 At the same time Commander of the Bavaria Training Division (467th Replacement and Training Division)
  • 18.4.1945 Reported sick, a colonel took over
    • some sources state, Walter Poppe (actually Division z. b. V. 469) took over the regiment on 27 April, the personnel file of Major General Joseph Roßmann (1896–1973) states, he was ordered to take over the regiment with effect from 29 April, but it is uncertain whether this ever happened.
  • 29.4.1945 Leader Reserve (Führerreserve OKH) in Traunstein
  • 30.4.1945 to 24.12.1947 POW, in captivity


  • 23.10.1910 Leutnant (2nd Lieutenant)
  • 1.6.1915 Oberleutnant (1st Lieutenant)


  • 22.8.1919 Hauptmann (Captain) with Patent from 18.8.1918
    • 1.2.1922 Received new Rank Seniority (RDA) from 18.4.1917
  • 1.8.1930 Major
  • 1.4.1934 Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel)


  • 1.3.1936 Oberst (Colonel)
  • 1.12.1939 Generalmajor (Major General)
  • 1.12.1941 Generalleutnant (Lieutenant General)

Awards and decorations (excerpt)


Further reading

  • Heinrich Müller (publisher): Division Sintzenich – Erlebnisbericht aus dem Feldzuge in Frankreich, Frankfurt am Main 1940 (2nd nad 3rd Edition 1941 and 1943)