Rozaliia Zemliachka

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Rozaliia Zemliachka
Rozaliia Zemliachka.png
Born Rozaliia Samoilovna Zulkind
20 March 1876[1]
Kiev, Russian Empire
Died 21 January 1947
Moscow, Soviet Union
Nationality Jewish
Occupation mass murderer, terrorist, war criminal
Organization Russian Social Democratic Party
Red Army
Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Rozaliia Samoilovna Zulkind (20 March 1876—21 January 1947) better known as Rozaliia Zemliachka was a communist Jewess, mass murderer and war-criminal. She is best known for her part in the Red Army's bloody ethnic cleansing crimes in the Crimea. Biographers describe her as "the hardest of the hard Bolshevichki",[2] a cold revanchist Jewess.

It was with Béla Kun, also Jewish, who Zemliachka carried out her most infamous atrocities. After the defeat of Pyotr Wrangel, commander of the White Russians in the Crimea, and their evacuation, the Communists under Kun and Zemliachka began a brutal Chekist genocide campaign. Up to 150,000 prisoners of war and civilian refugees were butchered; including 50,000 officers.[3] The means were sadistic, Zemliachka had them tied in pairs to planks and burned alive in furnaces, or drowned in barges that she sank offshore.


A sadist and monster who would play a major role in the slaughter in the Crimea after the destruction of the last strongholds of the White Movement there.
—Arkaday Vaksberg, a fellow Jew on Zemliachka.[4]




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