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Racial equity audits or racial audits are (demanded) politically correct external reviews of organizations regarding their alleged racism. The extent and influence of such reviews are potentially very wide, including the racial composition of senior managements and demanded remedies/reparations due to alleged racism by the organizations causing, or having caused in the past, any form of alleged negative effects on societies in general.

Such audits are recently popular in association with the Great Awokening. Some demanded audits may potentially affect very large numbers of organizations, such as by demanding audits of the investments of organizations making financial investments in many other organizations.

Demands for censorship of less politically correct views are already made by some audits, including demands that other, less politically correct individuals/organizations should not be allowed use services provided by the audited organization. See also The Alt-Right and censorship.

Some audits are explicitly anti-White, despite Whites already being discriminated by policies such as Affirmative Action.

There are apparently few demands to make audits of possible Jewish over-representations, Jewish influence, and possible effects of this. The same apparently applies to possible East Asian or (high-caste) Indian over-representations, influence, and effects, such as in tech companies.

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