Pope Benedict XVI

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Pope Benedict XVI

Pope Benedict XVI (born 16 April 1927), originally named Joseph Alois Ratzinger, was pope between 2005 and 2013. Exceptionally, he resigned as pope before his death, choosing to be known by the title "Pope Emeritus" upon his resignation. He was replaced by Pope Francis.

The status as pope is disputed by some traditional Catholics such as sedevacantists.

Even before becoming Pope, he was one of the most influential men in the Roman Curia, and was a close associate of John Paul II. He continued the gradual liberalization of his predecessors.

He resigned unexpectedly and early with claims of this being linked to claimed leaked documents and claimed "blackmailed gay clergy".[1] See also Homosexuality and the Catholic Church.


Everything that John Paul did had to have the acquiescence of Benedict who was then Cardinal Ratzinger, the keeper of the faith. Any changes or nuance in the dogma had to have Ratzinger's approval. Its a different style, its a different ethnicity, but whats important about Benedict is that he institutionalised the things that John Paul did in changing the relationship between Jewish people and the Catholic world. He follows in his footsteps; he visited the synagogue in Rome, in every country that he goes he visits a synagogue, he meets with the Jewish community. People are criticising his style not the substance of the relationship. If you look at the history of antisemitism; the most dramatic change in two-thousand years is the change in the attitude between the Catholic Church and Judaism.
Abraham Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League.[2]

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