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The Nordic League was a nationalist group organized in the United Kingdom from 1935 to 1939. Originally formed as the White Knights of Britain in 1935 members included William Joyce, A. K. Chesterton and Archibald Ramsay. The Duke of Hamilton, who was the target of Rudolf Hess's flight to Britain was also associated with the group. The Nordic League disappeared during the war but parts of it survived as The Angles, the Holborn Public Speaking Society, and the Stonehenge Debating Society.[1]

The Nordische Gesellschaft (Alfred Rosenberg) of Germany sent representatives to Britain and encouraged British nationalist forces to rally behind the newly formed Nordic League which it considered the English branch of German National Socialism.[2] It formed part of British peace activism against World War II.

The leftist Wikipedia states various conspiracy theories and contradictory claims regarding the organisation.

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