Manifesto for a European Renaissance

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Manifesto for a European Renaissance
Cover of the second English edition
Author(s) Alain de Benoist, Charles Champetier, John Morgan (foreword)
Cover artist Daniel Friberg
Country London
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publisher Arktos
Publication date 2012
Pages 54
ISBN 978-1-907166-78-5

Manifesto for a European Renaissance is a 53-page pamphlet written by French authors, Ph.D's and political theoreticians Alain de Benoist and Charles Champetier in 1999, and published in a second edition in English in 2012. The pamphlet is a short introduction to their project, with a basis in their French think-tank GRECE which was 30 years old in 1999. GRECE is known as the French division of the larger European New Right. The pamphlet has been translated into several languages, among others Danish, where it was printed in the now cancelled political magazine Nomos. The pamphlet has also been printed earlier as an included appendix in the book by professor Tomislav Sunic: Against Democracy and Equality, another Arktos-publication.

The pamphlet brings up some of the criticism that GRECE has leveled against modern society, and then enters into their basic views which is drawn up for the reader based on their own doctrine. The pamphlet ends with short polemical pieces where the authors put up a contrast between what they see as the errors of modernity, to which they contrast their own identitarian alternative.


From the back of the pamphlet

This manifesto remains the only attempt to date by GRECE, the primary New Right organization in France, to summarize its principles and key concepts. It was written in 1999 by Alain de Benoist, GRECE's founder, and Charles Champetier on the occasion of GRECE's thirtieth anniversary.

It offers a strong argument in favor of the right to difference among cultures and civilizations, and the right of peoples to defend themselves from cultural homogenization. It also offers a vision of a regenerated Europe which will find its strength in a return to its authentic values and traditions, in opposition to the new imperialism of multiculturalism and the global marketplace.

Alain de Benoist (b. 1943) is the primary philosopher of the European 'New Right' movement. He attended the Sorbonne, studying law, philosophy and religion. He is the author of dozens of books, including The Problem of Democracy and Beyond Human Rights, published in English translation by Arktos, and gives frequent lectures around the world. He lives in Paris.

Charles Champetier (b. 1968) is the former editor of Éléments, one of GRECE's journals.

—Arktos, 2012

About the authors

Alain de Benoist is the leading thinker of the European ‘New Right’ movement, a school of political thought founded in France in 1968 with the establishment of GRECE (Research and Study Group for European Civilisation). To this day he remains its primary representative, even while rejecting the label ‘New Right’ for himself. An ethnopluralist defender of cultural uniqueness and integrity, he has argued for the right of Europeans to retain their identity in the face of multiculturalism, and he has opposed immigration, while still preferring the preservation of native cultures over the forced assimilation of immigrant groups. He has authored dozens of books and essays on topics such as immigration, religion, philosophy and political theory. In 1978, he received the Grand Prix de l'Essai from the Académie Française for his book Vu de droite [View from the Right].

Editor of the journals Nouvelle Ecole and Krisis, his works have also been published in a variety of journals such as Mankind Quarterly, Telos, The Scorpion, The Occidental Quarterly and Tyr. Over the past forty years he has had a tremendous impact on the philosophical and ideological understanding of the European political situation. Arktos has published his books, The Problem of Democracy and Beyond Human Rights, which are the first two volumes in a series of his works that will be published by Arktos in English translation.

Alain de Benoist continues to write and give lectures and interviews. He lives in Paris.[1]

Charles Champetier (b. 1968) is the former editor of Éléments, one of GRECE's journals.


  • Editor's Preface 7
  • Introduction 9
  • I. Predicaments 11
  • 1. What is Modernity? 11
  • 2. The Crisis of Modernity 12
  • 3. Liberalism: The Main Enemy 14
  • Foundations 17
  • 1. Man: An Aspect of Life 17
  • 2. Man: A Rooted, Imperilled, and Open Being 18
  • 3. Society: A Body of Communities 19
  • 4. Politics: An Essence and an Art 21
  • 5. Economics: Beyond the Marketplace 23
  • 6. Ethics: The Construction of Oneself 25
  • 7. Technology: The Mobilisation of the World 26
  • 8. The World: A Pluriversum 28
  • 9. The Cosmos: A Continuum 30
  • III. Positions 32
  • 1. Against Indifferentiation and Uprooting; For Clear and Strong Identities 32
  • 2. Against Racism; For the Right to Difference 33
  • 3. Against Immigration; For Cooperation 34
  • 4. Against Sexism; For the Recognition of Gender 35
  • 5. Against the New Class; For Autonomy from the Bottom Up 36
  • 6. Against Jacobinism; For a Federal Europe 38
  • 7. Against Depoliticisation; For the Strengthening of Democracy 39
  • 8. Against Productivism; For New Forms of Labour 41
  • 9. Against the Ruthless Pursuit of Current Economic Policies; For an Economy at the Service of the People 42
  • 10. Against Gigantism; For Local Communities 43
  • 11. Against Megapolis; For Cities on a Human Scale 44
  • 12. Against Unbridled Technology; For an Integral Ecology 45
  • 13. For Independence of Thought and a Return to the Discussion of Ideas 46

Publication Data

Manifesto for a European Renaissance, Alain de Benoist & Charles Champetier, 2012, Arktos, ISBN 978-1-907166-78-5

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