View from the Right, Volume II: Systems and Debates

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View from the Right, Volume II: Systems and Debates
Front Cover
Author(s) Alain de Benoist
Cover artist Andreas Nilsson
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Political Science
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2018
Pages 428
ISBN 978-1-912079-98-8

View from the Right, Volume II: Systems and Debates is the second volume in the View from the Right trilogy, in which Alain de Benoist analyses a wide variety of European historical, spiritual and political figures, concepts and cultural trends from a Deep Right perspective.

Back Cover Text

A Critical Anthology of Contemporary Ideas

View from the Right, Volume II: Systems and Debates is a compendium of the essays of Alain de Benoist, the founder of the French New Right and one of the most vital and challenging intellectuals in the contemporary European scene. In excellent translation with copious footnotes, this collection of essays covers a startling range of political, religious, and sociological topics, addressing controversial issues and responding to a variety of interlocutors with razor-sharp wit and matchless erudition.

In this second volume of the View from the Right series, de Benoist brings his penetrating analysis to bear on democracy and Communism, gender roles and ecology, contemporary art and warfare, and historical figures as diverse as Georges Sorel, Arthur de Gobineau, Ernest Renan and Alexis de Tocqueville. Covering issues from Left to Right and back again, de Benoist tackles everything from the Catholic Church and the existence of God to euthanasia and the end of the world. The result is a fascinating and vivacious tour of impressive gamut, undertaken by one of the keenest, and bravest, minds of our times.

It continues to be regarded as one of the most important modern French works on political philosophy, and as being the fundamental statement of the principles of the New Right during its early years.

This first volume in a three-volume translation by Arktos is an encyclopedic history of ideas that addresses the philosophical, spiritual, scientific, and cultural-historical foundations of the European heritage.

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