View from the Right, Volume III: Controversies and Viewpoints

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View from the Right, Volume III: Controversies and Viewpoints
Front Cover
Author(s) Alain de Benoist
Cover artist Andreas Nilsson
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre(s) Political Science
Publisher Arktos
Publication year 2019
Pages 412
ISBN 978-1-912975-21-1

View from the Right, Volume III: Controversies and Viewpoints is the final volume in the View from the Right trilogy, in which Alain de Benoist analyses a wide variety of European historical, spiritual and political figures, concepts and cultural trends from a Deep Right perspective.

Back Cover Text

In this third and culminating volume of his magisterial View from the Right, founder of the French New Right Alain de Benoist concludes his remarkable ‘Critical Anthology of Contemporary Ideas’.

Volume III: Controversies and Viewpoints brings de Benoist’s encyclopaedic knowledge to bear on a startlingly wide range of figures and ideas, in a series of essays which are united by a singular power of level-headed discernment.

The topics treated include matters as diverse as the validity or falsity of parapsychology, capitalism versus communism and East versus West, touching on periods and places as different as Imperial Japan, Confucian China and Hitler’s Germany, and addressing, through careful consideration of the internal conflicts of contemporary France, pressing questions regarding ethnicity and citizenship, nationhood and union, power and politics, spirituality and secularism. The survey that results from this symphony of perspectives is as panoramic as it is rich, stimulating new ideas at every turn and building up finally to the great political and geopolitical challenges of our time.

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