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The 2011 England riots[1] began in London on the 5/6 August 2011, lasting days. The riots soon spread to other English cities. The vast majority of the participants in the riots were North Africans, black Africans, but also Caribbean blacks as well as further newly arrived Sub-Saharan Africans and white leftists. The riots began after a gun-toting gangster from Tottenham shot at police and was killed by returned gunfire. The rioters used this incident as an excuse to riot, wrecking local businesses, burning down homes and looting various stores, causing hundred of millions in damages.


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The "London race riots" were a series of riots (including looting, arson, robbery, assault, and murder) between 6 and 11 August 2011, when thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, which saw looting, arson, and mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people. 205 were injured (186 police officers, 3 police community support officers, and 16 others).

The 2011 film Rise of the Planet of the Apes caused comparisons.[2][3]

Protests started in Tottenham, London, following the death of the mulatto Mark Duggan, a local man who was shot dead by police on 4 August. The inquest verdict that Duggan was lawfully killed was upheld by the Court of Appeal in 2017. From 8 to 10 August, other towns and cities in England saw what was described by the media as "copycat violence", with social media playing a role.

The riots spread to other parts of England. In Birmingham three men of Pakistani descent died protecting their homes.[4] There had been a race riot between the blacks and Pakistanis in that city in 2005. The blacks also murdered the elderly English pensioner Richard Mannington Bowes in a racially-motivated attack.[5] Various locals, including football fans and in parts of London, members of the British National Party, stood up against the savages, protecting homes and businesses.[6]

By 10 August, more than 3,000 arrests had been made across England, with more than 1,000 people issued with criminal charges for various offences related to the riots. There were a total of 3,443 crimes across London that were linked to the disorder. An estimated £200 million worth of property damage was incurred, and local economic activity – which in many cases was already struggling due to the recession – was significantly compromised.


The riots coincided with the release of the Rise of the Planet of the Apes, its posters and movie trailers; medias and social networks online were quick to compare the carnage of the two.[7] Thus they have been refered to as the Planet of the Apes riots. They began as the Tottenham riots, then spread to the London riots and then the England riots. They have also been described as the London race riots.

Many ape species such as the bonobo, orangutan, and gorilla are typically gentle creatures and their communities are far less violent than communities of negroes.[8][9] Chimpanzees are more aggressive, but they are not as aggressive as negroes. It is far safer for a city to have millions of wild apes running through it than the frequent race riots brought by negroes.[10]

Trotskyist SWP/UAF incitement

An article authored by Dominic Wightman at the The Westminster Journal, authored on 8 August 2011, claimed that the Trotskyist SWP (likely its terrorist arm, the UAF) were involved in inciting the Tottenham riots and whipping up the blacks into a frenzy.[11] The article was later removed from the website, with a cryptic message stating "This Account has been Suspended".[12] Some have speculated that the government pressured them to remove it, but this is not certain.[12] The Westminster Journal article claimed that the SWP were insulting the police, with journalists around, then they began swearing and, "They called the police racist. One woman amongst them was so agitated she was literally spitting at the police as she chanted – her face full of hate."

It is claimed that they then disappeared, returning with masks and sticks. One thug, after being whipped up into a frenzy by the SWP thugs is said to have "grabbed an expensive-looking TV camera from one of the gathered journalists and smashed it into smithereens on the street floor". The police then started issuing public warnings over a speaker and then when the blacks had been incited to riot, the SWP members bagged up their paraphernalia and banners and ran away. A local person claimed on the BBC, "the Socialist Worker Party hijacked what was – until they intervened – a peaceful event."

The JC reported that Jacob Bard-Rosenberg, a Marxist Jew associated with UAF and the son of David Rosenberg, one of the founding members of the Jewish Socialists' Group was involved. Bard-Rosenberg stated on his Twitter page during the riots; "For anyone heading to places where riots are: 1) Mask up. Properly, not just a hood. 2) Bindmans solicitors if you get nicked." And suggested that the terrorists should "get rid of your clothes and change your appearance". The solicitor he suggested, Geoffrey Bindman, is also a Europhobic Jew. Donnacha DeLong, Max Geist, Al Mikey, Mark Bergfeld and others are also part of his terrorist network. Jennifer Izaakson; the Trotskyist Jewess who was UAF president at the LSE; claimed she was "inside Tottenham riots police line" during the lootings. An associate of Bard-Rosenberg, she mocked the violence which included the murder of pensioner Richard Mannington Bowes and has glorified stabbings.

Media cover-up and bias

The controlled medias attempted to do some politically correct damage limitation a few days into the riots, receiving a protocol to selectively pick photos of the minority of native European agitators (who were in fact degenerated Wiggers), who had joined in with their African cohorts initiative. This was particularly notable from The Guardian, The Independent and the BBC, who ironically, got their television van burned out in Salford for their troubles.[13] This has led, across many social-medias and blogs, to people becoming more and more vocal in opposition to the failed multicultural dictatorship of liberal ideology, which has enslaved Europe since the end of Second World War. It remains to be seen if the "race police", will crack down on this outbreak of thought heresy.[14]

The National Union of Journalists have long had an agenda to lie about the natives and anything they regard as so-called "far-right"[15] (a term used to describe more than two natives coming together to act for their own peoples interests, up to and including resisting their own murder). Specifically in relation to this incident blacks murdering, looting, burning down houses and businesses, were presented as simply "youths" to the reader or listener. While some of the natives who came together to protect their family, property and community from the rioters was described by the NUJ's operatives with the Judeo-Marxist epithet "racist".[16] Michelle Stanistreet was General Secretary at the time of the black riots.

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