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Mulattoes or Mulattos are mixed race persons who have both Sub-Saharan African and European ancestry.

The term is derived from the Spanish and Portuguese "mulato", with uncertain origin, although it may derive from Portuguese "mula" (from the Latin "mūlus"), meaning mule, the hybrid offspring of a horse and a donkey. Some sources claim an origin from the Arabic term "muwallad".

The term may today be considered less politically correct and more unspecific terms such as "biracial" or "multiracial" may be preferred.

Regarding if mixed groups are (new) races, see the Race article. Regardless, they may be ethnicities.

Older classifications:

  • "Mulatto" may refer to someone of half-Black ancestry or more unspecifically to someone with any mixed Black ancestry.
  • "Quadroon" [25% Black).
  • "Octoroon" [12.5% Black].
  • "Hexadecaroon" or "Quintroon" [6.25% Black].

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