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National Alliance Life Rune with semicircular laurel wreath
Lebensborn-badge: "Heilig soll uns sein jede Mutter guten Blutes", "Blessed for us every mother with good blood" in the life-rune, the SS symbol and the initials of Heinrich Himmler (hh)

The Life Rune also the Rune of Life is the political and spiritual symbol of the National Alliance. It was also used on Lebensborn badges during the National Socialist period in Germany.

National Alliance

National Alliance gave the following explanation for their use of this ancient symbol.

Our Symbol
The symbol of the National Alliance is the Rune of Life. It is one of the characters in the ancient runic alphabet used many centuries ago by our ancestors in Europe. This Rune resembles a cross with arms uplifted. It signifies life, birth, renewal, creation. The Rune of life ties together for us the past and future of our race and symbolizes our present struggle to create a new life of our people.

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