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Kerry delivers a speech infront of AIPAC.

John Forbes Kerry (born 11 December 1943) is US Secretary of State. He ran for the US Presidency in the 2004 election, but lost to George W. Bush. Kerry served as a United States Senator from Massachusetts from 1985 to 2013, and was chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee; he is presently the United States Secretary of State under Barack Obama. He is notorious for his membership in the Skull and Bones secret society. Kerry states that he is a Catholic and personally against abortion, but he supports a woman's legal right to have one.

Kerry's paternal grandparents were Jewish but converted to Catholicism. His brother Cam Kerrry has converted to Judaism.

On September 17, 2007, John Kerry was having an open meeting for questions at University of Florida in Gainesville. Andrew Meyer, a 21-year-old fourth-year undergraduate mass communication student, took part in the questions and asked Kerry about his involvement in the Skull and Bones secret society. Meyer's microphone was cut off and he was roughed up by police and tased despite him begging not to be tased. Kerry has publically refused to speak about his involvement in Skull and Bones.

In August 2013, as United States Secretary of State, Kerry began trying to plunge the world into war in Syria with provocative speech. He also like John McCain and others has illegally snuck into Syria to have in-person meetings with the Israeli-US mercenaries who are gassing Syrian civilians and trying to pin it on Syria.[1] Kerry also made the European Union to postpone the funding ban in Israeli-occupied territories of Palestine.[2] And has been working to imprison the West Bank behind a massive security fence along Jordanian border.[3]

In October 2013, Kerry has demanded that US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan get immunity toward all the war crimes they have committed (e.g. white phosphorus, depleted uranium, mass murdering civilians).[4][5]

April 25, at the Trilateral Commission, Kerry said that Israel needs to make peace with the Palestinians or risk becoming an "apartheid state".[6] House majority leader Republican Eric Cantor demanded Kerry apologize.[7]

It was revealed that Israel wiretapped Kerry’s calls during peace talks in the Middleeast. [8]


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