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Haaretz is a newspaper published under the Zionist State in Palestine. Some newspapers tell some of the truth some of the time. One such is Haaretz (Hebrew: הארץ‎) (literally "The Land," i.e., the Land of Israel) and Israel's oldest daily newspaper, was founded in 1918 and is now published in both Hebrew and English.

Its editorial pages are considered influential among government leaders. Apart from the news, Haaretz publishes feature articles on social and environmental issues, as well as book reviews, investigative reporting and political commentary. The Hebrew edition has a core readership of 65,000. The English edition has a subscriber base of 15,000. Haaretz's readership includes Israel's middle and upper classes, intellectuals, academics, and professionals. It has a wide following amongst the Israeli intelligentsia and government leaders.

It also has a large following abroad. At times the paper is critical of Israel's hardline Zionist policies. This is one reason why the English version is different to the Hebrew. It is less informative regarding Israel's human rights record and brutality toward the Palestinians but enough of the truth remains to make it a worthwhile source for critics. It is taken to be honest when it is criticizing its own. Some of its articles tell us about Zionist settlers in Israel attacking Palestinian farmers and sabotaging their crops. Then there are the brutality, racism, murders and torture.

It is quite ironic that an Israeli Jewish newspaper is actually far more critical of the jews than the judeophile Western news media. For instance, a mainstream America news television show would never make an admission like this.

Differences between the English and Hebrew versions

Ran HaCohen, a Jew tells us in Looking Behind Ha'aretz's Liberal Image that a new Israeli web-site, supported by two major Jewish settlers' sites from the West Bank and Gaza Strip, is dedicated to the holy cause of "encouraging and supporting the employment of Jews only". It is already listing dozens of Israeli firms that do not employ "Gentiles". In the first months of the Intifada, Israeli racists initiated a boycott of Arab shops and restaurants; now, employment of Arabs is targeted.... the point I want to make now is, that most of you haven't heard of this web-site. Right? The site is neither confidential nor is it my discovery: I simply read about it in the Hebrew Haaretz a few days ago (24 September 2002). But most of you could not. Why? Because this item was left out of Haaretzdaily.com, the English version of Haaretz.

Bint Jbeil, a Palestinian gives us a list of articles by Gideon Levy, Jew and prominent journalist with Haaretz. He symathises with Palestinian suffering and tells us who inflicts it.

Protected by the “system” by Amira Hass tells us that Jews attack Arabs maliciously with the enthusiastic connivance of Israel's police and army. Amira Hass, a Jew writes for Haaretz.

Ha’aretz Tells The Truth About Torture In Israel. Gideon Levy tells the ugly truth about Shin Bet and a Palestinian who is now crippled for life.

The long, dry summer by Gideon Levy - Cutting off the water supply is very effective harassment in the hot weather.

The two faces of Haaretz Jonathan Cook tells that the picture is not as bad as that painted by Messrs. Levy and Hass; it is worse.

Haaretz Reporter Claims Sharon Murdered His First Wife This is from Rense.

Palestine: Information with Provenance quotes Ran HaCohen and gives other sources of commentary. It says:-

  • According to many writers who can read the Hebrew edition, articles treating the more sensitive issues which appear in the Hebrew edition are absent from the English edition.... See, also, this article, which was published in the Hebrew edition, but not in the English edition.) [Don’t Use My Mother’s Blood]

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