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Hope not Hate
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Existence 2004—present
Purpose anti-racism" organisation, involved with illegal surveillance, and Antifa associations.
Location London, United Kingdom
Affiliation Searchlight
New Labour

Hope not Hate (HnH) is a communist "anti-racist" organisation, involved with surveillance, and with antifa associations.


The organization was founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of the often criticized "anti-fascist" Searchlight magazine. HnH functioned as part of the latter organisation until 2011, when the two organisations split.[1] As a standalone organisation, HnH took with it two of the three units of Searchlight: Searchlight Educational Trust (SET), a charity; and Searchlight Information Services (SIS), its research and investigative function. The organisation now consists of HOPE not hate Educational Ltd (a charitable wing) and HOPE not hate Ltd (focused on campaigning and investigative work).[2]

Nigel Farage stated in 2014 that Unite Against Fascism members had made violent attempts to silence him and that there had been repeated attempts by political opponents to disrupt his public meetings which had forced him to hire bodyguards. His personal security had been threatened by supporters of UAF and another campaign group, Hope Not Hate. “They are violent in intent,” he said. “Their intention is to stop me speaking.” Both groups officially denied any involvement in violence, insisting they are peaceful and democratic organisations.[3]

HnH and Unite Against Fascism (UAF) have been stated to have had or have a hostile relationship with one another, despite both being "anti-racist" organisations. This may reflect their origin in and ongoing influence from non-Trotskyist Communism (HnH) and Trotskyism (UAF). UAF has been described as being more extreme, such as by not criticizing Islamist extremism, possibly reflecting the origin in the more extremist Trotskyist ideology.[4]

See also the Searchlight article on criticisms of this organisation from which Hope not hate originates.


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