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The SS ranks and their approximate U.S. Army equivalents are as follows:[1]

  • Private - SS Mann
  • Private First Class - Sturmmann
  • Corporal - Rottenführer
  • Sergeant - Unterscharführer
  • Staff Sergeant - Scharführer
  • Technical Sergeant - Oberscharführer
  • Master Sergeant - Hauptscharführer
  • First Sergeant - Sturmscharführer
  • Second Lieutenant - Untersturmführer
  • First Lieutenant - Obersturmführer
  • Captain - Hauptsturmführer
  • Major - Sturmbannführer
  • Lieutenant Colonel - Obersturmbannführer
  • Colonel - Standartenführer
  • Colonel - Oberführer
  • Brigadier General - Brigadeführer
  • Lieutenant General - Gruppenführer
  • General - Obergruppenführer
  • General of the Army - Oberstgruppenführer

"One can exercise a certain amount of choice on this subject. The three grades of Gruppenführer are sometimes equated with Major General, Lieutenant General and General, respectively. An Oberführer is sometimes described as a “Senior Colonel” or a Brigadier General; in the latter case a Brigadeführer is equated with a Major General. These ranks had their origin in the early days when the SS was something of an offshoot of the SA, which had similar ranks."[1]

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