Foibe massacres

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Bodies collected from the foiba of Vines on the last months of 1943.

The Foibe massacres (Expulsion of Italians and Croats from Istria and Dalmatia) (also called "Italian holocaust") were an ethnic cleansing genocide, carried out during and after World War II by Yugoslavian communists against the ethnically Italian population of Istria and Dalmatia on behalf of the new Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Many were lucky and were only expelled from their land, but many were also massacred at Foibe. The former coastal houses and related land in Dalmatia and Istria belonging to those of Italian origins on the eastern Adriatic were then simply stolen by settlers & colonists brought there from other parts of Yugoslavia. (This mirrors the murders and expulsions of ethnic Germans from Slav lands in Eastern Europe 1945-48.)

Both regions formerly were anciently Roman, then Venetian, and then were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. With the end of World War I, Istria and parts of Dalmatia with large numbers of ethnic Italians, were annexed by the Kingdom of Italy following the secret agreements made with the Western Allies during the war. Today these regions are divided between Slovenia, Croatia, and Montenegro.