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Cover of the 2017 Edition
Author(s) Milo Yiannopoulos
Cover artist Mike Allen
Country United States of America
Language English
Genre(s) Politics
Publication year 2017
Pages 288
ISBN 978-0692893449

Cover Text

The liberal media machine did everything they could to keep this book out of your hands. Now, finally, DANGEROUS, the most controversial book of the decade, is tearing down safe spaces everywhere.

About the Author

Milo Yiannopoulos[1] is a half-Jewish homosexual, former Breitbart technology editor, journalist, author, pundit, a provocateur, a crusader, and an entertainer. An accomplished speaker, he has visited over 40 college campuses across the United States in his Dangerous Faggot Tour of 2016, and is planning a major 2017-18 college and commercial tour. His upcoming book Dangerous has already reached the top of the Amazon bestseller list on two occasions, based on preorders alone. He has been seen on Real Time with Bill Maher, Justice with Judge Jeanine, and Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld.

MILO is more than just a political speaker. Whether its dressing up in drag to criticize the alt-right, or subjecting himself to an on-stage hazing to defend college fraternities, MILO doesn’t just give speeches – he gives performances.

Wherever MILO goes, controversy follows. His appearance at U.C Berkeley in February 2017 led to riots, instigated by left-wing activists for whom burning down a campus is less offensive than letting MILO speak. MILO has attracted criticism from just about everybody! Including, but not limited to: the alt-right, the establishment right, progressives, feminists, Black Lives Matter anti-fascists, actual fascists, and establishment libertarians.

Milo has stated that "White pride, white nationalism, white supremacy isn’t the way to go".[2] He has also stated that "I’m a fairly unreconstructed Zionist."[3]

In 2017, Milo resigned from Breitbart after controversial statements on pedophilia/pederasty.

how the Jews run everything; well, we do. How the Jews run the banks; well, we do. How the Jews run the media; well, we do. They’re right about all that stuff…It’s a fact, this is not in debate. It’s a statistical fact….Jews are vastly disproportionately represented in all of these professions
—Milo Yiannopoulos.[4]

Table of Contents


  • So, About That Whole Drama… 1


  • On Freedom of Speech and Political Correctness 9


  • The Art of the Troll 15
  • 1. Why the Progressive Left Hates Me 20
  • 2. Why the Alt-Right Hates Me 40
  • 3. Why Twitter Hates Me 51
  • 4. Why Feminists Hate Me 73
  • 5. Why Black Lives Matter Hates Me 103
  • 6. Why the Media Hates Me 121
  • 7. Why Establishment Gays Hate Me 138
  • 8. Why Establishment Republicans Hate Me 153
  • 9. Why Muslims Hate Me173
  • 10. Why Gamers Don’t Hate Me 189
  • 11. Why My College Tours Are So Awesome 211


  • How to Be a Dangerous Faggot (Even If You’re Not Gay) 242
  • Acknowledgments 255
  • Endnotes 257
  • Index 277

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Publication Data

‘’’DANGEROUS’’’, Milo Yiannopoulos, 2017, Dangerous Books, ISBN 978-0692893449

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