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Feminism refers to a wide variety of ideologies and movements concerned with the interests of females.

Criticisms against some of the more extreme ideologies and movements have included:

  • Sex denialism where the existence of many genetically caused sex differences are denied and in particular mental differences. It is a form of genetics denialism with similarities to race denialism, such as the influence of Cultural Marxism and general political correctness.
  • Demands for not just equal rights (such as voting rights) but for equality generally including equal behaviors and equal presence everywhere in society. It may be argued that this should be enforced through forced measures such as obligatory indoctrination and affirmative action laws. This may possibly cause a wide variety of harmful effects for individuals and societies if females and males due to genetics are different and on average best suited for different behaviors and roles in a society.
  • Support for non-family values.
  • Support for various forms of non-heterosexuality.
  • Academic ivory tower perspective on issues.
  • Focus on criticizing Whites while in effect often ignoring the much worse situation for women in many non-White groups and countries. See also Race and crime: Violence against women.
  • Support for mass immigration to White countries of groups (such as often religious Muslims) with views and goals contrary to those of feminists (such as support for sharia laws). See also Islamization and anti-Islamization: Opinion surveys of Muslims on support for sharia.
Reported rapes in Sweden between 1975 and 2018, as stated by official crime statistics, showing a +1666% increase. There are no publicly available recent official data on immigrants and rape, but Swedish immigration critics argue that various unofficial data and estimates state that a large majority are committed by immigrants and their children.[1] Many other reported crimes, including other reported violent crimes, have also increased.[2] See also Race and crime: Sweden.
  • Some immigration problems such over-representation of rapes by immigrants groups from certain areas in particular affects women.

Another issue is an argued large Jewish over-representation among influential and more extreme feminists and financial backers. Various explanations for this have been suggested. See the "External links" section.

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