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Anti-Racist Action (ARA), recently rebranded as the Torch Network or the Torch Antifa Network, is an antifa network in the United States and Canada.


Anti-Racist Action originated from the skinhead and punk subcultures. It was founded in Minneapolis in the late 1980s by members of the skinhead group Minneapolis Baldies and other activists.[1] ARA then expanded to other locations in the United States and Canada. Members of "Love and Rage", a revolutionary social anarchist organization, played a major role in building ARA groups and the ARA Network in the 1990s,[2] and the group's structure was formalized in 1994.[3]

The organization and/or members have been accused of various attacks on Holocaust revisionists Ernst Zündel[4]

ARA tries to "dox" of nationalist activists and groups, where it posts personal information, work information, family information in the hopes of eliciting attacks or harassing them into giving up activism.[5]

In 2005, during the "2005 Toledo riot" ARA-associated rioting and aggression against the police caused 12 injuries and dozens of arrests.[6]

In early 2012, members from the Indiana section of ARA conducted the Tinley Park attack‎. See the article on this topic.


In 2013 ARA was officially dissolved. It was replaced by the "Torch Network" or the "Torch Antifa Network". This may be related to the Tinley Park attack‎ debacle.

SPLC and B’Nai Brith associations

An article from 1997 in The Ottowa Times documenting B'nai B'rith connections to ARA Toronto.[7]

Various associations and forms of support have been stated between ARA and the SPLC and the B'nai B'rith. The SPLC has described ARA as a "constructive force" and "freedom fighters" and has been criticized for ARA associations in connection, for example, the Tinley Park attack‎.[5][8][9][7][10]

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SPLC and B’Nai Brith associations

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