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The Sicherheitspolizei (English: Security Police), often abbreviated as SiPo, was a term used in the Weimar Republic and National Socialist Germany.

In the Weimar Republic, it was a militarized police force, to take action during times of riots or strikes.

In National Socialist Germany, Himmler reorganized the police, which was divided into two groups: the Ordnungspolizei (Order Police; Orpo), consisting of both the national uniformed police and the municipal police, and the Sicherheitspolizei, made up by the combined forces of the Gestapo (secret state police) and the Kriminalpolizei (criminal police; Kripo), between 1936 and 1939. The Sicherheitspolizei was merged into the RSHA in 1939, the agency officially ceasing to exist, but the term continued to be used informally until the end of World War II.

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