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Othmar Spann (1 October 1878 – 8 July 1950) was a conservative Austrian philosopher, sociologist and economist, who, in part influenced by the early 19th century Romantic ideas expressed by Adam Müller, supported views such as corporatism. He was part of the Conservative Revolutionary movement.

He was admitted to teach at the technical institute at Brünn (Moravia) in 1907 and was promoted to ordinary professor in 1911. In 1919, he was called to Vienna as professor of economics and sociology.

His ideology influenced Austrian Austrofascism. However, Spann himself did not support Austrofascism, since he was a pan-Germanist and therefore started supporting the NSDAP. Leaders of the NSDAP, however, viewed various aspects of his views negatively, such as his Catholicism and views on race, and, after the Anschluss, Spann was briefly imprisoned and thereafter forcibly confined to his rural home. He was not permitted to return to his position at the end of World War II.

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