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Ernst von Salomon around 1920
Salomon's book: It cannot be stormed

Ernst von Salomon (September 25, 1902 – August 9, 1972) was a German writer and Freikorps member. He was one of the most famous proponents of the ideological current known as "Conservative Revolution" that was prominent in German discourse from 1918 until 1945.

He was born in Kiel, the son of a criminal investigation officer. From 1913 he was a cadet in Karlsruhe and Berlin-Lichterfelde; starting in 1919, he joined the Freikorps ("Free-Corps") in the Baltic, where he fought against the Bolsheviks. Later he fought against Polish insurgents in Upper Silesia.

He received a five year prison sentence in 1922 for his part in the assassination of German-Jewish foreign-minister Walther Rathenau – he provided a car for the assassins. In 1927, he received another prison sentence for an attempted feme murder (paramilitary "self-justice"), and was released after a few months – he had not killed the severely wounded victim, Wagner, when he pleaded for his life, which was noted by the court.

Von Salomon was imprisoned by the Americans as POW from 1945–1946. The 1940 colonial film Carl Peters, which Salomon wrote the screenplay for, was forbidden by British occupation authorities for its "Anglophobia". Von Salomon also wrote a number of books, the best known being "Der Fragebogen" and "Die Stadt" (which came out in 2011 as "It Cannot Be Stormed" on Arktos).

In 1951 he published the book Der Fragebogen ("The Questionnaire"), in which he gave his rather ironic answers to the 131 point questionnaire many Germans were forced to answer after the war as part of the so-called "denazification process". A famous public discussion of the book took place in the main train station of Cologne, organised by bookseller Gerhard Ludwig.

Salomon died in Stoeckte near Winsen.


  • Die Geächteten, 1930
  • Die Stadt, 1932
  • Die Kadetten, 1933
  • Nahe Geschichte, ein Überblick, 1936
  • Das Buch vom deutschen Freikorpskämpfer, 1938
  • Der Fragebogen, 1951, ISBN 3-499-10419-9
  • Boche in Frankreich, Auszug aus " Der Fragebogen" 1952
  • Das Schicksal des A.D. Ein Mann im Schatten der Geschichte. Ein Bericht, 1960
  • Die schöne Wilhelmine, 1965
  • Glück in Frankreich, Hamburg 1966
  • Deutschland, Städte und Landschaften aus dem Flugzeug gesehen, 1967
  • Deutschland, Deine Schleswig-Holsteiner, 1971
  • Die Kette der tausend Kraniche, 1972
  • Der tote Preusse (posthumously published manuscript), 1973

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