Ernst Dewies

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Ernst Dewies
Hauptmann Ernst Josef Dewies.jpg
Birth name Josef Ernst Dewies
Birth date 28 March 1893(1893-03-28)
Place of birth Bonn, Rhine Province, Kingdom of Prussia, German Empire
Allegiance  German Empire
 National Socialist Germany
Service/branch Iron Cross of the Luftstreitkräfte.png Imperial German Army
War Ensign of the Reichswehr, 1919 - 1935.png Vorläufige Reichswehr
Luftwaffe eagle.jpg Luftwaffe
Years of service 1914–1918
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Battles/wars World War I
World War II
Awards Iron Cross
House Order of Hohenzollern
Relations ∞ 1923 Gertrud Kutscheidt
Other work Businessman

Ernst Josef Dewies (also Josef Ernst) was a German officer of the Imperial German Army and the Wehrmacht, finally Oberstleutnant (Lieutenant Colonel) in World War II.

Life (chronology)

Ernst Josef Dewies.jpg
  • Cadet Student of the Königliche Preußische Hauptkadettenanstalt (Royal Prussian Main Cadet Institute) in Groß-Lichterfelde
  • 2.8.1914 Joined the Replacement Battalion/Niedersächsisches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10
  • 27.9.1914 Transferred to the front to the 7th Company/Niedersächsisches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10
  • 24.1.1915 Injured when falling from a treetop (observation post), then hospitalized (Lazarett)
  • 27.12.1915 Transferred to the 2nd Company/Hohenzollernsches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 13
  • 10.8.1916 Transferred to the 1st Company/Landwehr-Fußartillerie-Bataillon Nr. 8
  • 29.9.1916 Orderly officer on the staff of the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 9
  • 6.6.1917 Adjutant of the Schleswig-Holsteinisches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 9
  • 19.12.1918 return to the Niedersächsisches Fußartillerie-Regiment Nr. 10 for demobilization
  • 31.3.1920 Dismissed from service
  • Training as a textile merchant
  • 1925 to 1930 Partner of the textile company Wilhelm Dewies (father)
  • 1931 to 1933 Insurance agent in the Gerling Group
  • December 1931 Joined the NSDAP
  • 1936 to 1938 Self-employed automobile salesman
  • 26.10.1938 Supplemental officer (Ergänzungsoffizier) of the Luftwaffe
  • 1.4.1939 Commander of the 5th Company/21st Aviation Training Regiment (Magdeburg)
  • 10.2.1941 Head of the driver training and assembly point of the Luftgaukommando VI
  • 29.11.1941 Commander of the 3rd Company/Driver training center of the 13th Aviation Troop (Kraftfahrausbildungsstelle der Fliegertruppe 13)
  • 10.6.1942 Head of the travel staff of the Moscow field aircraft group (Feldluftzeuggruppe Moskau)
  • 3.8.1942 Group leader in the staff of the field aircraft group Finland (Gruppenleiter im Stab der Feldluftzeuggruppe Finnland)
  • 7.12.1942 Fell ill, then military hospital
  • 1943 Assigned to the Aviation Replacement Battalion III
  • 30.4.1944 Retired[1]


Ernst Josef Dewies was the son of the textile merchant Wilhelm Dewies (1859-1928) and his wife Ernestine, née Scheben (1866-1929). On 19 July 1923 in in Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Dewies married his fiancée Gertrud Maria Kutscheidt (b. 1896), with whom he had one daughter.


  • 2.8.1914 Fahnenjunker (Officer Candidate)
  • 13.1.1915 Fähnrich (Officer Cadet)
  • 8.5.1915 Leutnant without Patent (2nd Lieutenant)
    • later received Patent from 11.9.1913
  • 23.8.1920 Charakter als Oberleutnant (Honorary 1st Lieutenant)
  • 18.2.1939 Oberleutnant (E) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1.3.1923
  • 1.4.1939 Hauptmann (E) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1.12.1933
  • 1.4.1940 Major (E)
  • 1.11.1942 Oberstleutnant (E)
  • 10.1.1944 Oberstleutnant (active Lieutenant Colonel) with Rank Seniority (RDA) from 1.11.1942

Awards and decorations (excerpt)


  1. Oberstleutnant Ernst Josef Dewies (1893–?)
  2. In 1928, a “Knight's Cross of the German Legion of Honor” was donated for deserving members of the German Legion of Honor, a silver-plated, enameled cross on the front, with the corresponding lettering in the center.