Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans

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Documents on the Expulsion of the Sudeten Germans from Czechoslovakia is a book by Dr. Wilhelm Turnwald. The book is an account of eyewitnesses of the crime.

After the war ended in 1945, one of the most gruesome genocides took place that the history of mankind has ever seen: the expulsion and destruction of the Sudeten Germans. The German government has kept knowledge of this Holocaust and the huge files of documentary evidence a secret, in other words, this chapter of history is supposed to remain tucked away in the hindmost corners of the Federal German archives, there to gather dust and be forgotten. Its publication is not desired.

Some samples:

The afternoon of May 10th brought what was probably the most horrible incident of these days. A group of armed men came in and selected the 6 youngest and strongest men, I being one of them. After promising our guards that they would, if possible, bring us back alive, they took us to Wenceslas Square. The Square was packed with a yelling crowd and a path had to be cleared for us. I would have never believed that the human face could be degraded to such a grimace, the people looked like snarling dogs, showing their teeth, spitting and screaming at us. It took all the force available and the pistols of our guards to keep these creatures - one could no longer call them human beings - away from us. We reached the corner of Wassergasse and there we were confronted with our task: Three naked bodies, burned with petrol, were hanging by their feet from a large advertising board. The faces were mutilated beyond recognition with all the teeth knocked out, the mouths no longer anything but an opening full of blood. The roasted skin stuck to our hands as we half-carried and half-dragged the bodies to the Stefansgasse.[1]
On May 20 we were led to Wenzel Square where German boys and girls, and soldiers too, were hung alive by their feet from lamp posts and trees and, in front of our very eyes, were doused with petroleum and set on fire.[2]


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