Christina Edkins

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Christina Edkins

Christina Edkins (1997 — 2013) was an English teenager killed by a black paranoid schizophrenic, previously jailed three times during 2012.[1]


On 7 March 2013, Edkins was travelling to Leasowes High School on a bus, just after getting on at Hagley Road.[2][3][4][5] She was 16 years old, while the negro arrested for the murder was 22 years old.[2] The murder at 7.37 a.m.[6] came almost exactly a month after the suicide of 9 year old Aaron Dugmore in the same city, following a bullying campaign for "being white".[7]

The Daily Telegraph named the suspected murderer as one Phillip Simelane,[8] of Swazi descent from the south of Africa. After the bus driver reported the incident to the police, officers and paramedics came to the scene but after efforts to resuscitate her failed, she was pronounced deceased.[9] Edgbaston, the area where the murder happened, has undergone substantial ethnic cleansing in recent years.

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