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Adolf or Adolph, latinized Adolfus , short from Adalwulf, Adalwolf and Adelwolf (Anglo-Saxon: Æthelwulf, Æþelwulf, Aethelwulf, Ethelwulf), is a Germanic given and surname (sometimes as Adloff). Even shorter forms are Adi, Alf, Wolf(f) and Wulf(f). The derived female form of Adolf/Adolph is Adolfine, Adolphine, Adolfina or Adolfa.


The name comes from Old High German and is composed of "adal" (noble, distinguished) and "wolf" (wolf). This can be understood together as "noble wolf" or "noblewolf", also "noble/sublime warrior and tough as a wolf", but many old Germanic personal names are simply composed of two members to be understood positively, without the composition as such having to have any meaning. In both Protestant Germany (because of Gustav Adolf, later King of Sweden) and Catholic Germany (because of Adolph Kolping, priest who dealt in particular with the social question), Adolf enjoyed a degree of popularity.

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