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Jewish ritual murder charges as the cause of various expulsions

Why was that edit deleted? 82 charges in one period and place

There are 58 matches when I ctrl+f "ritual murder" on this list of 1,043 expulsions: Complete list of Jewish Expulsions / Jews expelled from over 1,000 places in history

Given all of the hundreds of accusations of ritual murder in Poland and elsewhere (confirmed by Jewish sources such as jewishvirtuallibrary) it likely is greater. Ritual murder chargers certainly were a motive for multiple expulsions. This is an incontestable fact. And you have a Jewish Ritual Murder page already, citing sources that say Jews were expelled for "allegations of blood libel" or whatever. - Lamprecht (talk) 23:32, 8 July 2020 (UTC)

Jewish expulsions

Some of the problematic statements by Cicero:

  • "Across Europe in the 20th century Jews made themselves unpopular by their unscrupulous behaviour in commerce and trade." - inappropriate generalization about a whole people from possible incidents involving some Jews. Similar problems in other places where attributes are given to the whole Jewish people based on possible incidents involving some Jews.
  • In general there is much focus on isolated incidents of various kinds which do not by themselves prove any general patterns or trends.
  • "Kevin MacDonald has argued convincingly that expulsions and anti-semitism is more generally as responses to the Jewish group evolutionary strategy." -personal opinion by Cicero that it is convincing without giving any explanation, inappropriate editorializing.
  • "In 1937 renewed anti-semitic action broke out in Poland. Jews were banned from the National Totalitarian Party, banned from the medical profession, and their lawyers restricted. A serious pogrom occurred in Brest-Litovsk (where, in 1875, half the population was said to be Jewish[1]) in May, and an "anti-Jewish month" was proclaimed in September - rigorously observed by the right-wing parties.[2]" -the text does not describe any expulsions. Persecutions of Jews have occurred in many other places. This article is about expulsions of Jews, not about persecutions specifically in Poland (a country which Cicero tend to describe negatively in various places in Metapedia).
  • Topics such as Jewish influence, the Russian Revolution, or Jewish communism are discussed in other articles and there is no need to repeat some specific incidents related to these topics in this article.

Upplysning 13:15, 15 June 2015 (CEST)

Well, I don't really wish to enter into an editorial debate here. I am sorry you did not agree with my edits. I tried to give examples of anti-semitism in Europe et al which ultimately led to expulsions etc. It wasn't just Hitler who was anti-semitic. Cicero 13:46, 15 June 2015 (CEST)


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