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There is a long history and numerous examples of Jews being expelled from various countries or more limited areas such as cities.

Expulsions of Jews

An overview of the numerous expulsions and migration/settlement patterns of the Jews.

See the "External links" sections for examples of lists of expulsions of Jews.

The first expulsion may be the Exodus of Jews from Egypt if the Biblical account has any historical basis.

Jews have been expelled a number of times from Palestine in connection with conquests and rebellions. These expulsions started various Jewish Diasporas and include the Assyrian Captivity, the Babylonian captivity, and several expulsions after rebellions against Roman rule.

The most recent expulsions are from Islamic countries in connection with the creation and actions by Israel and actions against the Islamic countries perceived to be due to Jewish influence. These expulsions/voluntary emigrations were in effect much more thorough than the earlier expulsions in Christian countries and almost all Jews have now been expelled/emigrated from the Islamic world.

Cause(s) of the expulsions

A common explanation for the expulsions is opposition to Jews by Christians ("Christ-killers") or that the expulsions are due to some other negative aspect of Western culture. However, for example Kevin MacDonald in his book Separation and its discontents has described many examples of hostility, violence, and expulsions against Jews before the Church had any influence and in non-Western countries such as in Persia and in Muslim countries long before the most recent mass expulsion from the Islamic world.

Kevin MacDonald has argued for the expulsions and antisemitism more generally as responses to the Jewish group evolutionary strategy.

The "Final Solution of the Jewish Question"

Holocaust revisionists argue that the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question" in National Socialist Germany referred to voluntary emigration by or forced expulsions of Jews from Europe. They further argue that measures taking the during war such as the camps and deportations to Eastern Europe/Western Russia were seen as temporary solutions with the "Final Solution" to the "Jewish Question" to be fully implemented only after the war.[1]

See World War II statements argued to support Holocaust revisionism on more on this.

Expulsions by Jews

The Jewish Bible has been argued to condone ethnic cleansing of non-Jews. The "Promised Land" when the Jews arrived out of the desert (according to the Bible’s account) was owned by non-Jews who were killed, ethnically cleansed, expelled, or forcibly converted in order to create a Jewish state.[2]

The Hasmonean dynasty for a period gained Jewish independence (140 BC–63 BC). The Jewish Bible again describes large scale killing, ethnic cleansing, expulsion, or forced conversion of non-Jews.[2]

Forced conversions may have again been practiced when Jews rebelled against Roman rule.[2]

More recently, many Palestinians have been expelled or fled from Israel. They are not allowed to return while all Jews have the right to migrate to Israel.

Israel has expelled/repatriated or plans to expel/repatriate many non-Jewish African immigrants/refugees.[3]

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