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TERF pride – she knows what a woman is.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist) is a hateful slur (like faggot, kike, nigger, cracker, slant-eye and many others) invented by the leftist transgender lobby of the LGBTI sect for proud, normal and predominantly white women who do not comply with the terror of Cultural-Marxist gender ideology (genderism) and do not consider "biological men" (the only existing type) in female clothing (so-called trans women) to be "women". Some even consider the vicious labeling as "TERF", sometimes even defamed and socially stigmatized as "feminist Nazis",[1] a call to violence.


First recorded 2008, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) added an entry for the misogynistic term "TERF (noun)" in June 2022, which states that although the term was first intended as a neutral descriptor, it is "now typically regarded as derogatory". These women simply resist incursion by men in female disguise, some with a mental disorder, others (especially in sports) to take advantage of it in order to take advantage of the transsition in favor of social media fame, success and even money.

Self-proclaimed TERFs (Tired of Explaining Reality to Fools), who are now using the term as a fighting expression of resistance, are not transphobic but stand for the rights of women (feminism). They are often caring mothers who do not want men who "identify as women" in the bathrooms and locker rooms of their daughters. Since 2019, J. K. Rowling, British bestseller author and philanthropist, is viewed by many as the the courageous and steadfast icon of the international TERF movement.[2]


  • “Every child has a right to use the bathroom of the gender they identify with”.Barack Obama threatened in May 2016 to starve schools of funding if they didn't force kids to share bathrooms [3]
  • "North Carolina will not stand by and let our locker rooms and high school showers be used for social experimentation at the expense of the privacy and protection of our young boys and girls. I do not think it is appropriate for teenage boys and girls to share the same bathroom. I don't think it appropriate for teenage boys and girls to shower next to each other. I don't think it is appropriate for male coaches and male teachers to have access to girls' locker rooms and showers while the young girls are naked and exposed. I feel confident, the vast majority of North Carolina parents feel the same. The President needs a reminder that the United States Constitution grants education decision authority to the states and localities not to the President of the United States. Our current state policy protects our children by maintaining bathrooms and restrooms consistent with the biological sex of the child and already gives schools, should special circumstances arise, the freedom to grant private single stall - single shower bathroom accommodations to individuals who might not otherwise be comfortable using the bathroom of their biological sex or a bathroom shared with other people. This is the only reasonable response to the situation that exists today. Opening all showers and all restrooms to all sexes at all times as the President is suggesting, is not a reasonable solution, but an invitation for violations of privacy and personal safety. North Carolina public schools in receipt of the President's letter are reminded that there is a binding state law on the books governing bathroom policy and the President's non-binding directive is merely his attempt to push his version of a social policy on our state with no Constitutional authority to do so. It should be rejected as a matter of principle and policy." – Lieutenant Governor Dan Forest on 13 May 2016[4]

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