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The Spartacus League (German: Spartakusbund) was a Communist revolutionary organization in Germany during World War I, founded by Karl Liebknecht and the Jewish Rosa Luxemburg. The name derived from their illegally distributed pamphlets Spartakusbriefen (Spartacus Letters). It contributed to the German Revolution of 1918–19.

The organization was renamed the Communist Party of Germany in 1919. It, along with other leftists, launched the failed Spartacist uprising, aiming to implement a Communist dictatorship, but that was suppressed with the help of the Freikorps. Liebknecht and Luxemburg were executed.

After their deaths, Liebknecht and Luxemburg became martyrs for some leftists. Despite the mass killings under Communist regimes, since 1919, an annual Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demonstration has been held in Berlin, claimed to be the world's largest funerary parade and the biggest meeting of the German left.

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