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Repatriation is the process of returning individuals or groups to their places of origin, such as their native lands. The word derives from Latin re- "back" + patria "native land".[1][2] This may be done in order to avoid the demographic genocide[3] or racial problems (such as due to ethnic heterogeneity).[4][5]

Unlike the murderous and totally inhuman communist expulsions and dispossesions of the German peoples from the homelands in Eastern Europe 1945-47, humane repatriation usually means offers of state financial support, transport and political assistance to the aliens to help them resettle in their natural homelands.[6][7][8][9][10] This is a policy which which has been supported by many.[11] A mainstream poll taken in the United Kingdom in August 2014 showed that 95% of those polled were opposed to multiculturalism.[12]

Population exchange is common in recent history. In 1990, Britain was daily deporting illegal Vietnamese economic migrants from its colony of Hong Kong.[13]

Countries like Saudi Arabia have repatriated or planned to repatriate hundreds of thousands or millions of people, with little international controversy or protesting.[14][15]

In 2016, Kenya decided to repatriate hundreds of thousands of Somali "refugees", with this being ignored by the mainstream media.[16][17]

In 2018, the Indian government had excluded at least four million migrants from Bangladesh of the right to Indian citizenship and may repatriate them, in the state of Assam, to protect ethnic Assamese and crack down on illegal immigration.[18] In 2019, the Indian government stated that it would identify and expel all illegal immigrants.[19]

African countries have erected immigration physical barriers and conducted repatriations. One example is that in 2019, Angola repatriated an estimated 330,000 “irregular migrants” from Congo. Another is Black-ruled South Africa, erecting immigration physical barriers and conducting sweeps to find illegal immigrants. There are also various other examples.[20]

Another example of repatriations is as part of the ongoing or planned Israeli mass expulsions of African illegal immigrants and "refugees".[21]

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