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Mathilde Friederike Karoline Ludendorff (born Mathilde Spiess on October 4, 1877 in Wiesbaden–died June 24, 1966 in Tutzing) was a German teacher and doctor. She was the second wife of Erich Ludendorff – he was her third husband – and a figure in the Völkisch movement, where she was known for her esoteric and conspiratorial ideas. Together with Ludendorff, she founded the Bund für Gotteserkenntnis ("Society for the Knowledge of God"), a small and rather obscure esoterical society of Theists that although banned from 1961 to 1977, survives to this day. She wrote a number of books on religious matters, some of the most notable being The Triumph of the Immortality-Will, History of Creation, Soul of Man, Self-Creation.

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